Nov 04 2008

Carter/Clinton 2.0 – Welcome President Elect Obama

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VA is being called for Obama (and so soon will be Florida). Tomorrow I will look at the final number, but what I see tonight is a much tighter national race than many polls predicted, but more accurate state polls.

In any event, welcome President-elect Obama. Do well for America these coming four years – because you will be facing Sarah Palin in 2012 if I have anything to say about it. And if you want to make it easy for Governor Palin, please raise taxes, surrender Iraq and redistribute wealth. And you will be a one term wonder.

Until then, congratulations! And Congrats to all the wonderful Obama supporters I know – I have a lot of trust your instincts are right. I have been proven wrong many times, now it is time to see what Obama can do.

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  1. Mark says:


    The dirty secret about Obama is that he does not make decisions, so I think we’re more likely to drift than to suddenly be driven off a cliff. But we’ll drift into disaster because the waters are not calm and storms are all around the horizon. We have elected one of the weakest, least prepared and most ignorant men to the presidency in our nation’s history.

    I second your comments about President Bush. However, I fear his lack of fight with the Democrats has damaged the Republican party severely. I do take solice in knowing we have Gov. Palin. She will be our Ronald Reagan to Obama’s Jimmy Carter come 2012.

  2. Cepik says:

    Good grief,

    I cannot even edit tonight, it should read “the kids are sleeping”.

    AJ, I am with you on Sarah Palin. I liked McCain but I really liked Sarah Palin. I really felt like she was “one of us”.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Bush didn’t have enough public support to have any clout with the Democrats. Reagan did. Reagan was very popular and any politician publicly defying him would have been kicked out of office. Defying Bush was a popular sport.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    From a quick scan through most of the exit polls the 18-29 age group pretty much voted just the opposite of whatever their ethnic group or whatever grouping you want did.

    The MSM was in the tank but they only deal with the over 40 crowd for the most part

    Public schools and the college environment don’t give a full market place of ideas any more.

    40 years of heavy liberal agenda there have taken their toll.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Ronald Reagan got nearly 59% of the popular vote in 1984 that is HUGE. Reagan could do whatever he wanted at that point.

  6. crosspatch says:

    And I think what causes a lot of my reaction to this election is that I was an adult during the Carter administration and I am not looking forward to a repeat of it.

  7. kathie says:

    Obama says “we are and will always be the United States of America” what in the hell does that mean? Only someone who sees himself as an outsider could say something like that.

  8. Aitch748 says:

    Great. So what’s this man going to do with us once he gets into the White House? Will he start using the tax records, credit reports, and divorce records of the citizens as his own personal database?

    I might have to stop reading the news for the sake of my sanity.

    America wanted this man. Let’s see how happy they are with him by next summer.

  9. Mark says:

    Also, I would not want to be an Iraqi. Obama will abandon them as the Democrats did the Vietnamese. They and a few million other folk around the world will die because of America’s lack of seriousness tonight. It will not be pretty in the next few years.

  10. momdear1 says:

    This should be a less on to the Republicans. Nice guys finish last. John McCain refused to bring up Obama’s really serious seditionist associations, or to hit Obama with questions that were begging for answers. Like, Where were you born? Are you planning on giving Reparations for Slavery? Do you believe in Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology? etc. McCain was determined to run a clean campaign and even repremanded anyone who dared bring up any subject that make Obama look like the sorry anti American bum he is. Does anyone remember a couple of days ago when McCain dressed the old lady down who said she was afraid if Obama was elected. McCain assured her that she had nothing to fear from Obama, “He is a nice patriotic person who loves his country.” Then said he would not tolerate negative remarks like that. Put her in her place he did. One would think that Obama’s Iman had put a Fatwa out on McCain or anyone else who dared criticize Obama.

    Well, Clinton put affirmative action hires in charge of all federal agencies and when he left office there was not a single federal agency who’s books were in good enough condition that they could be audited. And there was $1 billion missing from the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco that was never accouted for. We never heard about any of those things from the MSM because everyone was afraind of being called a racist for questioning the Patsies that were put in charge. Can you imagine the mess our government will be in in 4 years? Obama doesn’t even have to call them Affirmative action hires. He will be just hiring his people. We have already had our first third world election with all kinds of fraud, intimidaton, and God only knows how many illegible voters cast votes. Those black Panthers standing outside the precincts in Philadepphia intimidating white voters should be a warnign of waht is to come. “There’s not going to be any more White Supremacy.”

    So bend over Whitey. All of you who voted for this clown are going to get yours. It’s just a shame the rest of us have to suffer along with you.

  11. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Hey buck up everyone!

    Don’t forge! FREE GAS and FREE HOUSES!


    Besides, just think of how REALLY REALLY funny late night will be now, especially if we all start writing in to say how all their send-ups of gov’t flubs are so supportive of the GOP agenda! And don’t forget anytime a late night host is critical of the Admin or gets yuks at Obama, call in to accuse them of being “racist”.

    And don’t forget to accuse the Dems’ lack of conviction any time they support or prop up EVIL corporations and the over $120k RICH for silly things like employment or economic growth, even Gore’s “trillion dollar” CORPORATE industry. Anything green is just to help Gore become a trillionaire.

    Btw, Hollywood stock is really hurtin’ now. Nothing like a little push to help send ’em over. Don’t visit their sites. Don’t see their movies. Don’t watch their pablum. Trash their celebrity-ism. Campaign against individual celebrities one at a time. But most of all don’t buy their merchandising! Stick to strictly no-name, no-frills.

    Leave ’em wondering why their ratings and their B.O. have sewered and leave it to the lefties to save them from the brink.

    Our strongest vote now is our CONSUMER/NON-CONSUMER vote. Vote with your wallet and your savings … just like all the Peggy Josephs of America!

    Elect Peggy Joseph in ’10!

  12. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    “Also, I would not want to be an Iraqi. Obama will abandon them as the Democrats did the Vietnamese. They and a few million other folk around the world will die because of America’s lack of seriousness tonight. It will not be pretty in the next few years.”

    Yep, and watch for oil prices to go back up through the roof under That One. The Saudis will be really happy with a premature pull-out. Then watch inflation spike as He sends electricity “skyrocketing”. Then … Then … Then …

    And feel for America’s Finest now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Start taking up a collection for body bags. You can bet That One will be sending them too late just like Virginia sent them their absentee ballots if he sends them at all. Remember what he said. He’ll be cutting military spending to fund his campaign promises. You do the math.

    Yep. President “That One”.

    But hey, at least America’s not “racist” anymore, not even Bill!

    And don’t forget there’s still all those “associations” to consider. It’ll be well worth keeping an eye on developments with Odinga and Kenya for the next four years. There are some serious undertows to the new Administration that will have to be kept in constant check.

    How about an ongoing thread on all the people and issues, past and present, he’ll be tossing under the bus for the next four years? Call it The Myth of That One.

    Btw, does this mean we’re now officially in Obamelot? And can we start scrutinizing every aspect of Michelle’s womanhood and Obama’s family now just like they did Sarah Palin’s?

  13. dave m says:

    And we don’t even know who this guy is.
    AJ won’t be pleased, but here is the most likely probability
    given that there are now surfacing photos of Stanley Ann Dunham
    at the beach when she would have been in her third trimester
    if she was to give birth to the Boy who became president-elect
    in Hawaii. She isn’t preggies.

    Remember, if Obama is not constitutionally entitled to become
    President than he is not President, no matter what,
    and all bills (think budget, think kyoto) signed into law by him
    are not valid. If Obama presides over two years of budgets
    which are then found to be invalid, the US government will go into

    It is a huge risk to all the financial systems of the world.

    That article I linked to states that the world’s three foremost
    intelligence agencies have all the info on Mr. Who, including
    Mossad. If this is true, what are they doing?

    This could get very strange indeed.

  14. dave m says:


    My wife noticed, in line with your scrutinizing remark, that the
    four “Obamas” who took to the stage in Chicago for his victory
    speech were all color-coordinated in red and black. My wife
    found this strange and asked me if the uniforms had any
    hidden significance.

    It is strange, and I don’t know.

  15. Terrye says:

    I am not happy about this, but I am glad this election is over.

    Kathie, you are absolutely right. Lest we forget, even with this socalled mandate, and all that, Obama still has not gotten as many votes as Bush did in 2004. Bush had over 62 million.

    I don’t blame McCain and I don’t think that dragging up anymore stuff about Obama’s church or his associates or his parentage was going to matter. The majority of the American people just made up their minds that they did not care about that stuff.

    It will be Jan.20 before Obama actually takes office. I did not watch his speech tonight and I will try not to watch him much for the next four years.

    But running for the Presidency is easier than governing, just ask Bush. Hopefully a lot of what we have heard out of Obama has just been hype and he will be another Clinton and not another Carter.

  16. Terrye says:


    I am sorry, but I think Obama is an American. I really do.

  17. robert c verdi says:

    How the hell did Ted Stevens win?

  18. Terrye says:


    If he wins, then Palin can select his replacement and hopefully keep it in the party.

  19. Cobalt Shiva says:

    How the hell did Ted Stevens win?

    Strategic voting. Alaska did not want to give Reid six years worth of a reliable D vote. Instead, they get the option to keep the seat R after Stevens resigns.

    That said . . .

    I am really starting to regret spending eight years of my life as an enlisted Marine.

    Why should I have spent my precious time, health, and sanity supporting and defending a country and a way of life that a majority of my fellow citizens have just demonstrated they are unwilling to support and defend?

    When electricity rates and gasoline prices “skyrocket,” I am going to tell the whiners, “You voted for the shit sandwich that’s on your plate, you’re going to finish every last fucking bite, and I’d better see a SMILE on your face, maggot!”

  20. Cobalt Shiva says:

    If he wins, then Palin can select his replacement and hopefully keep it in the party.

    Actually, they have a special election when the seat goes vacant.