Jul 13 2008

What Did Obama Do To Anger The New Yorker?

Boy, Obama must have done something to really get the people at the New Yorker angry. So angry they have a cover picture of Obama that is epitome of right wing whisper campaings:

Obama as a turban-wearing Muslim, fist-pounding an terrorist-clad Michelle standing in the Oval Office? It seems we can now easily conclude The New Yorker is very much pro-Clinton and they hoping to destroy Obama’s chances in the general election so they can argue for a coup d’etat at the Democrat convention in Denver.  There is no other rational explanation for this kind of smear. There is even an Osama Bin Laden picture over the fire place where an American flag burns!

 Anyone missing the message: Obama Is Osama’s Man!

So if we elect Obama this fall we will be putting a supporter of Bin Laden in the White House. I knew it was going to get nasty in the Democrat Party, but I did not expect this! Wow. That is one big implosion going on in the Democrat Party. Looks a 7.5 on the political Richter Scale to me.

Addendum: Yes, I know they tried to call it a joke, but it re-affirms and gives credence to rumors best just ignored. Want to feed a rumor oxygen? Give it press coverage. Want it to go nuclear – run it on your front page. Here’s the supposed story behind the cover.

Addendum: Very few people are going to suffer through that ridiculously long story to find the connection. Et tu New Yorker?

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  1. Terrye says:

    I was shocked when I saw this. I know they said it was satire, but there is truth in satire sometimes and seeing these images can not help Obama. People might say they think it is stupid or whatever, but the image will stay with them.