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Dec 30 2009

What Did The Obama Administration Change, And When Did They Change It?

Welcome RCP Readers – you may want to check out this update in a later post where a State Department source confirms my suspicions. – end update You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the liberal leaning Obama administration came into DC with the intent of undoing as much of President Bush’s […]

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Sep 24 2009

Najibullah Zazi Indicted On WMD Charges

It turns out my fears about the potential danger of a new al Qaeda cell in the USA and a planned coordinated bombing attack, which I outlined in depth here, was not so far fetched after all. Zazi has been indicted on charges of attempting to carry out a WMD attack here in the US: […]

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Nov 30 2008

Time To Clear The Pakistani Tribal Swamp Of Pure Evil

Modern societies are not police states. There is no way to stop a small number of fanatical martyrs from going on mass killing sprees like we have seen in India this week. The chilling details of what was planned for Mumbai (Bombay), India, now spewing from the sole surviving attacker, are a wake up call for […]

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Jul 13 2008

What Did Obama Do To Anger The New Yorker?

Boy, Obama must have done something to really get the people at the New Yorker angry. So angry they have a cover picture of Obama that is epitome of right wing whisper campaings: Obama as a turban-wearing Muslim, fist-pounding an terrorist-clad Michelle standing in the Oval Office? It seems we can now easily conclude The […]

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