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Aug 07 2009

Baitullah Bites The Dust – Or Not?

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We finally took out a key, top level Taliban/al Qaeda enemy with one of our predator drones: Pakistan said Friday it believed that wanted Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a US drone attack, which if confirmed would score a coup in the US-led fight against Islamist militants. The death of the notorious commander […]

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Sep 17 2008

Palin’s Email Traffic With Osama Bin Laden – Updated

The Illegal invasion of Governor Sarah Palin’s privacy by a bunch of low-life cyber criminals is an interesting test of moral character for the liberal media and politicians. Clearly, for the “anything to win” left, the invasion of privacy AND the publication of private information to the world is seen as a crowning victory for the […]

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Jul 13 2008

What Did Obama Do To Anger The New Yorker?

Boy, Obama must have done something to really get the people at the New Yorker angry. So angry they have a cover picture of Obama that is epitome of right wing whisper campaings: Obama as a turban-wearing Muslim, fist-pounding an terrorist-clad Michelle standing in the Oval Office? It seems we can now easily conclude The […]

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