Jun 04 2008

Congratulations Barrack Obama – You Made History!

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I wanted to post this earlier, but the site had traffic loading issues again today (thanks to all who have come by to visit the last couple of days). I also wanted this post to sit at the top most of the day because Barrack Obama made history today being the first African American presumptive nominee for President of the United States. No matter what happens, his name will go down in the annals of American History.

I come from the proud state of Virginia, which elected the first African American Governor in the person of Douglas Wilder. We Virginians are not adverse to African American leaders. While Hollywood still treats the South as the home of American racism, the fact is the south has rejected racism and lives quite harmoniously in a very integrated fashion. My personal belief is that this is because the anger and fear that drove the racism in America during the civil rights battles was so hot in the South, that once the black and white community started integrating, and the fears that were promoted by the racists did not come true, the South humbly and honorably admitted it was wrong on civil rights and made amends that have led to many of us living the dream of Martin Luther King – not simply looking for it.

I think Barrack Obama’s place in history is a great thing for the African American community – they have arrived at last. If Obama was less liberal, more experienced, had some essence to his campaign and had hung around a better crowd during his life I think he would be a shoe-in. But the specifics of these problems can wait and be dealt with in the coming months. Today Obama made history – and maybe that will be a pivotal moment in his campaign. America finally broke through the old myths about racism. Which, ironically, could allow for a serious look at the man and his positions and history.

Anyway, congratulations to the Obama’s. Enjoy this time – I am not sure it will last the full campaign season. But that will not detract from what you accomplished this week.

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  1. browngreengold says:



    So full of hate and vitriol.

    You’ve been asked multiple times for links, quotes, and/or facts that support your claim that Hannity is a racist.

    Has he ever used the “N” word on TV or radio when describing Obama or any other black person?

    No? That’s right, that was Senator Byrd (Democrat-WV).

    What exactly has Hannity said that makes you think it is OK to call him a racist?

    Give me a quote. Give me a link. There are volumes and volumes of transcripts available for both his radio and television shows. If what you claim is true, then post the proof.

    If you cannot do that, then obviously your speaking out of your ass.

    He, like the people here, has opposed your candidate. That’s all. Period.

    You started out calling us racists. Then you claim that we support HRC. Then you claim Hannity is a racist.

    You obviously know nothing of which you speak.

    Every time you post it is becoming more and more apparent where the labels belong.

  2. browngreengold says:

    Our church is better than yours.

    Who said that?

    You won’t have an answer because it didn’t happen. You’re projecting again.

    Obama’s willingness to be deeply involved for over 20 years is a perfect indicator of his flawed judgment and soiled character.

  3. VinceP1974 says:

    rajapi is just a typical Leftist engaging in his group vs group warfare.

    Who cares what Hannity does.. I think Hannity is an idiot. yet Rajapi, because all he thinks of is groups, thinks someone like me would like Hannit.

    Nope sorry, idiot, I dont like him.

    That’s what these leftists… disagree with them and they call you a name. worse than children.. they pollute every comment blog they are on with their beligerent ignorance., their aggressive stupidity.

    shut up already , no one cares what you think because you dont think

  4. browngreengold says:

    Thank you Vince.

    You said what I should have, but I really do enjoy trying to inject some reality into their mushy skulls.