Jun 04 2008

Congratulations Barrack Obama – You Made History!

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I wanted to post this earlier, but the site had traffic loading issues again today (thanks to all who have come by to visit the last couple of days). I also wanted this post to sit at the top most of the day because Barrack Obama made history today being the first African American presumptive nominee for President of the United States. No matter what happens, his name will go down in the annals of American History.

I come from the proud state of Virginia, which elected the first African American Governor in the person of Douglas Wilder. We Virginians are not adverse to African American leaders. While Hollywood still treats the South as the home of American racism, the fact is the south has rejected racism and lives quite harmoniously in a very integrated fashion. My personal belief is that this is because the anger and fear that drove the racism in America during the civil rights battles was so hot in the South, that once the black and white community started integrating, and the fears that were promoted by the racists did not come true, the South humbly and honorably admitted it was wrong on civil rights and made amends that have led to many of us living the dream of Martin Luther King – not simply looking for it.

I think Barrack Obama’s place in history is a great thing for the African American community – they have arrived at last. If Obama was less liberal, more experienced, had some essence to his campaign and had hung around a better crowd during his life I think he would be a shoe-in. But the specifics of these problems can wait and be dealt with in the coming months. Today Obama made history – and maybe that will be a pivotal moment in his campaign. America finally broke through the old myths about racism. Which, ironically, could allow for a serious look at the man and his positions and history.

Anyway, congratulations to the Obama’s. Enjoy this time – I am not sure it will last the full campaign season. But that will not detract from what you accomplished this week.

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  1. Frogg says:

    It should also be noted that first African American Senator came from the south.

    Hiram Revels (R-MS)


  2. browngreengold says:

    Technically Obama is the first Arab-American presumptive nominee.

  3. dave m says:

    Nobody is supposed to know that!

    I guess maybe Michelle Obama could claim something sort of like that
    and making herstory.

  4. rajapi says:

    Wow! You first congratulate him and then say enjoy the moment coz we have a tape on you that will sink your campaign and then the dems will band together and “select” what Karl Rove calls the stronger of the 2 candidates, HRC and then the Repubs will win! Sound like a strategy, Mr. Strata? You want HRC to win because she is white and you are afraid of a black man who you consider is a radical? right? After that pathetic speech that Mccain delivered and the “deranged narcissm” of the clintons with her ghastly speech of disunity here’s the secret even she will clean Mccain’s clock and we will have been stuck with her husband for four years. I am beginning to believe someone at the top at the RNC may have lost their marbles!

    So there is a tape. Lete there be. So, she says whitey and other “intemperate” things on the tape. What do you think the clnton’s have been doing since the primaries started and they have been on tape saying more than intemperate things. The democrats are NOT going to allow their candidate to be swiftboated whether or not he attended a radical church. God knows what happens in all the churches around the country. the catholic church showed the ugliness within its ranks during the priests scandals. These are words spoken those were horrific deeds done. So, before you go pointing fingers at our nominee who has won this nomination in a fair fight don’t try and steal it from us. Your nominee is equally vulnerable. It seems Cindy Mccain ahs quite the history of prescription drugs behind her. Do we realy want to go down that road? Do you truly think that this juggernaut that Obama has created with all the money he has and the donor base he has and the entire party infrastructure behind him, if Rev Wright and Ayers could not sink him and give her the win, you think a tape of Michelle Obama making racist remarks and saying “whitey” is going to tip the nomination to HRC? Since super tuesday the woman has had only 40 supers moving to her. He managed 50 in ONE DAY. She won her blow outs in states that were never ever going to vote for a black man and gave them permission slips not to do so. so racism runs both ways.

    No way will his supporters let this smear campaign succeed. If you want to win then lets talk issues. That is legitimate. Don’t try and railroad our nominee, because you don’t like his wife or the church he attends. I too am afraid of certain people that have attended churches where dirty acts were committed. God should not be in the discussion at all. This is beyond the pale of decency. If anything this primary season has taught us that karma visits everyone. I hope she pays a visit to those salivating over the downfall of a legitimate democratic nominee who happens to be black. Fear is indeed a useless emotion. Fight on issues and then win. We will not deny our historic moment over a tape.

    I look forward to a discussion with you and others.

  5. AJStrata says:


    You should read all my posts on this matter – I have been posting AGAINST this whisper campaign and calling the media to task for holding back what they clearly have.

  6. rajapi says:

    Do you know that Jim Clyburn’s office has been receiving racially tinged messages by the dozens for his endorsement of Obama. CBS has shut down its comments section because they were recieving an inordinate amount of hate based mail directed at Senator Obama. Other members of Congress are relating similar such experiences so much so that some of their “white” employees had to be calmed down. The racial epithets I believe were too much for them to stomach. Do you know how many times I have been verbally abused by people here in TX and other places where I have volunteered for Senator Obama? Countless times there were things thrown at us because we were supporting someone we believed in.

    Racism works both ways. We have decided we will not let it succeed this time. If sean hannity and fox news pull another racial video there will be push back. I am tired of being judged for the colour of my skin as you should be. There are so many instances of egregious behaviour on the part of some in the “white” community which I will document and send you a link so you can see not just my experiences but those of my “white” counterparts who faced even worse treatment than I did. Some, I cannot even get myself to talk about. This primary season has been the ugliest ever. Because of the clintons and those that are opposing a man that looks and seems different to them. It is my attempt to bring to your attention that these things must stop. They serve no one any good.

  7. The Macker says:


    The O’bamas, by their anti American and racist associations have made patriotism and race an issue. And, Michelle O’bama is on record race baiting.

    The thoughtful Right is long past race. Its heroes include Thomas Sowell Shelby Steele, Justice Thomas and Michael Steele.

    If the Dems exploit race, they must carry the responsibility and not tar the Repubs with guilt.

  8. browngreengold says:


    You will be hard pressed to show any posts here which criticize Obama based on the color of his skin.

    We, instead, choose to judge and reject him based on the content of his character.

  9. rajapi says:

    Bill Clinto introduced race into this primary and Sean Hannity and fox news played along. Your “judgement” is something I toowill question regarding character. what you all are suggesting is that the Obamas are the racists without looking at your own prejudices. As for “content of character” the candidate you were pushing for HRC’s character is beyond shady and borderline criminal The woman talkd about sniper fire, to suggest that she was in the race till june by invoking RFK and lets not forget her reference to hard working white americans that deeply offended me. I am an American and I work hard too. But, I am Asian and not white! That was on tape too. Obama and his supporters forgave her a lot of things. I worked for the campaign and I will tell you 90% of the time we were involved in working for Senator Obama and not on trashing Hillary. So, before you attempt to talk of character and prejudices look at your very own. I too admire shelby, micheal steele and other heroes of the conservative movement. But, this smearing of candidates on both sides must stop. Working for the campaign has taught me that there is much work to be done. You may have your reasons to not like senator Obama but he did not introduce race into it. If you believe he did you shoudl have shrugged it off and moved on to topics that will affect our nation. Lets talk about our differences in what to do with Iraq. It is fair if you win on issues, not on smears. You will face an onslaught and we only have 5 more months to fight this.

    Today, HRC is the most hated person in teh dem party. The Obama supporters do not like her for many reasons. She may be stayingin the race in the hope that this tape derails him. It s too late for that. We know she is behind this and many more things along with the RNC. We let it go. But, trying to topple our nominee through tactics like this, we will not stand for. ABC got a small taste of it after that horrendous debate. The obama supporters are like a nation unto itself. She talks of 18 million supporters and you buy it. It’s a lie. but you buy it. The only reason I see it is because you fall within the “hard working white american” category. That is offensive as a woman and an American. As a first generation american you do not know and will perhaps not even understand what we have to go through when we come from another country. Sometimes looking at someone else who is different from that prism helps to understand why people do what they do. Justice and equality become the cornerstone of your life and from there some shape their lives. Not everyone- some. Empathy perhaps would be sufficient on your part.

  10. browngreengold says:

    “the candidate you were pushing for HRC’s character is beyond shady and borderline criminal”

    You apparently don’t really know much about this site or those of us who read and comment here.

    Who among us has pushed for HRC?

  11. browngreengold says:

    “without looking at your own prejudices”

    I missed that little gem.

    You show up here and begin commenting and immediately launch into a diatribe about our “prejudices” and our support of HRC.

    Neither of those things exist, except in your own mind.

  12. VinceP1974 says:

    HRC? LOL

    I dont like any of the 3 that were running but Obama is singularly unqualified and dangerous.

    It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, although he seems obsessed with it.

  13. rajapi says:

    No- it is you conservatives that are obsessed with his skin colour. Look at fox news and listen to sean hannity. The man needs some sort of intervention to stop him from obsessing over obama. Look at redstate salivating over bringing down a man you don’t like.

  14. The Macker says:


    You seem to be sincere. So, if you are working for O’bama, I urge you to get beyond his style and slogans of “change” and really examine his substance.

  15. Neo says:

    Racism works both ways.

    You bet it does. Many whites were shocked that racism had received “safe harbour” in predominately black churches, like Trinity UCC where Sen. Obama often attended in the last 2 decades. It is this shock that has produced much of “pushback” for which Sen. Obama and his supporters have been on the receiving end.

  16. browngreengold says:

    Again rajapi,

    Show me anyone here who has criticized or attacked Obama based on his race or skin color.

    Show me.

    Since you seem so obsessed with Hannity, show me how he has been racist toward Obama.

    Critical of Obama based on principles, policies, and judgment? Yes, absolutely without a doubt. Based on race or skin color? No.

    Show me otherwise.

    We could apply your logic to the Obama supporters now and say that they are rejecting HRC as a VP because they are both racist and sexist.

    rajapi, in your posts you indicate a strong dislike for HRC.

    Is that because you are a racist?

  17. VinceP1974 says:

    rajapi, you’re everything you accuse other people of. It helps your case if you dont use stereotypes more than the people you falsely accuse of doing the same.

  18. browngreengold says:

    I would like to point out that Tony Rezko, Obama’s friend and fundraiser, was just convicted of 16 of 24 charges brought against him but that would be racist so I won’t bring it up.

  19. rajapi says:

    sean Hannity has been such a sanctimonius, pontificating racist I have ever heard or seen on tv. I don’t know what you see through your eyes but I am speaking the truth. Everyday there is Obama bashing. Everyday and he is so transparent in his racism. so if you like him fine but it is my view that sean hannity is a bloody racist. period.

  20. rajapi says:

    The problem with conservatism has been this holier than thou attitude. Our church is better than yours. we are better than you. That needs to STOP!! its unbecoming and will be your downfall. so now you can salivate over whether rezko will bring him down. just like HRC is considering an independent run, if anything happens he can too.