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Aug 12 2012

Watch What You Ask For Dems, You Just Might Get It!

As nauseating as it is, I am sitting through the mindless babble of the Sunday Morning Lame-Sound-Bite Shows. And the Democrats are in full lick-spittle mode. The whole ‘double-down’ meme ain’t working. We know what doubling down on Obama means – bankruptcy. So I am not impressed. Rachel Maddow had the dumbest of all comments […]

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Jun 03 2011

The Doomed Future Of Obamacare Is All But Certain

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Obamacare, as with the silly left wing fantasy of ‘free’ government run health care, has an appointment with failure. Modeled after the UK’s failing National Health Service, Obamacare is guaranteed end up with the same medical disasters as the NHS: In an article for The Daily Telegraph, Andrew Lansley says the core values of the […]

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Jun 01 2011

Obama’s Death Panels Finally Arrive

The new Medicare incentive from the Obama administration: Cut Costs! The New York Times tries to cover up the core truth about the New Medicare program that is arising from Obamacare. But there is only so much disinformation you can lay on the hard fact that Medicare providers will MAKE MORE MONEY if they restrict […]

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Sep 22 2009

Mr President, Please Don’t Insult Our Intelligence

Health care reform is going to cost a boat load. The numbers keep coming out and it is stunning how much it apparently will cost to insure the uninsured. Of course that is because the government take over of health care will required 5o+ news government organizations and tens of thousands of bureaucrats and – […]

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