Oct 17 2011

No Robamaney – Evah!

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The establishment GOP better understand one thing right now. We The People do not care how much campaign money candidate Romney has, how well liked he is by the Political Industrial Complex or how nice his hair is – he will never be acceptable as the GOP nominee for President. Not now, not in 2012, not Evah!.

It is not just about RomneyCare and how it was the precursor model for ObamaCare. That is definitely enough reason to reject Romney on the grounds he is more Obama than Tea Party Libertarian or Small-Government Conservative.

It also not just about how Romney  leans toward government solutions first, instead or resisting the encroachment of big-government and looking to trim it back to something manageable and worthwhile. A trait he also shares with President Obama and which also is sufficient cause to reject Romney.

No, the 3rd strike against Obama-light (Robamaney) is the fact he has totally drank the Green Kool-Aid of Global Warming:

In other words, the Romney administration in 2005 essentially did what Barack Obama’s EPA wants to do now.  He imposed CO2 emission caps — the “toughest in the nation” — in an effort to curtail traditional energy production.  Not only did Romney impose these costly new regulations, he then imposed price caps to keep power companies from passing the cost along to the consumer.  As we have seen in RomneyCare, regulation and price controls eventually drive businesses into bankruptcy or relocation.

Who is dumb enough to think this pale GOP version of Obama would be a winning candidate in the primaries or the general? I am here to say clearly – as a independent who leans to the libertarian Tea Party and their small-government conservative views – forget about Romney (Robamaney) as the GOP nominee. Ain’t going to happen.

Now you want to know who is becoming the icon of the new libertarian movement comprised of right leaning independents, tea partiers and small-gov conservatives? The man from Georgia:

At the moment, the Georgia businessman is the only Republican with a lead of any kind over Obama, although former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has held a similar advantage several times and is currently trailing the president by just two points [3]. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters [1] shows Cain attracting 43% support, while Obama earns 41% [2].

3 things to note here: [1] this is a poll of likely voters which means it is more accurate than other polls, [2] Obama is polling at the ‘incumbent can’t ever win’ 41% mark, and [3] Mr. Inevitable (Robamaney) is polling below Obama and Cain.

Romney’s current status as front runner was completely buoyed by the myth of his inevitability as the only serious contender to Obama. Once that myth is gone (and it is rapidly vaporizing right now) then he becomes a too far left establishment pick the voters want nothing to do with.

If we wanted ObamaCare, we would vote Obama. If we wanted a champion of Al Gore’s Global Warming we would vote Obama. If we wanted knee-jerk, wasteful government solutions to the most miniscule challenges of our lives we would vote Obama.

Why vote for Obama’s pale twin – Robamaney?

If you want to vote AGAINST Obama you support Cain. If you want to vote for Main Street over the DC Political Industrial Complex you support Cain. If you want someone who would trim big government down to size you support Cain.

Get ready DC, We The People are about to rock your world with a true outsider who will have a mandate to clean up DC (not America).

Update: CNN Poll tells the same story – Romney stuck aroundn20% with Cain surging

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  1. DJStrata says:


  2. kathie says:

    Romney is slick, he has practiced for 8 years what to say and how to answer questions. The Republican establishment loves his smoothness. Just liked they didn’t like much the corny, misspoken Bush much they loved the polished Father.

    Romney is VERY disappointing, he is a pleaser type.

    My guy from the beginning was Cain. I hope everybody is wrong when they say he doesn’t have enough money or the organization to make a really good run.

    But if O BA MA has tons of money and keeps talking like he did today from his bus……you would have to be an idiot to vote for him or a communist.

  3. Mike M. says:

    I’ve always thought Romney’s strength and frontrunner status were overrated. He’s been floating around 25% for a year…which means that once the opposition consolidates around one candidate, he’s toast.

    I won’t say Cain was my first pick. None of the current candidates are all that appealing to me, my top issue is national security. Gingrich comes closest. But Romney is a center-left, gun-grabbing, health-care-wrecking DamnYankee running for the nomination of a party that is None Of Those Things.

  4. WWS says:

    “I hope everybody is wrong when they say he doesn’t have enough money or the organization to make a really good run.”

    those are operational problems, not core problems. Money can be found, organizations can be built. The real problem is one that goes to the core of a candidate – take Romney, who has no character. He will say anything, do anything, flip and flop more than a landed catfish. I don’t really think Romney is liberal so much as I think that deep down, Romney doesn’t believe in anything at all. It makes it so much easier to do and say anything, if you believe in nothing. Romney may be the Republican Bill Clinton in that way.

    Romney’s problem is core, just like Obama’s real problem is core; as Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

  5. archtop says:

    From the Leftist/MSM/Progressive point of view, it hardly matters who the nominee is. They’ll harp on something: Romney is too Mormon, Cain is too inexperienced! Romneycare = Obamacare! 999 can’t work!

    What I like about Cain, and as shown on MTP this weekend, is that he appears to be ready to go on the national stage with a clarity and confidence that has been missing on the GOP side for a long time. Cain could easily win if he can convince the independents that he’s reasonable, smart, practical, and NOT Obama.

  6. Redteam says:

    Not Obama AND not Romney.
    Romney has never been destined to be the Republican candidate, he is only the mainstream media’s hope for opposition to obama, basically the weakest of the Repubs running.
    The most important thing for the USA is to not re-elect the present pretender in the office. He has accomplished much of his goal of destroying the financial framework of the Republic. This can’t continue.
    A real concern is that Cain is rising because the MSM sees him as the 2nd place Republican they could tolerate behind Romney.

    I just wish the country could, for once, have a great candidate that we could all get behind and get the country back on the right road. Reagan is gone, that caliber person only comes along rarely, we were lucky to have had him for that 8 years. He made the country feel good about itself.

  7. WWS says:

    If you remember 1980 like me, you remember all the Republicans who said, during that primary campaign, “Reagan is too radical, Reagan is too conservative, Reagan is too fringe, Reagan can *NEVER* govern, Don’t vote for Reagan, vote for the moderate!” Reagan was by no means the unanimous choice of the GOP, a lot still wanted to run Gerald Ford again, as I recall.

    And it was “oh we better run a moderate or we’ll just be giving Jimmy Carter another 4 years!”

    Yep, some things never change.

  8. Redteam says:

    Yep, remember it well. Unfortunately for Carter though the 15% interest rates on home mortgages, amongst other things (mainly that he was almost as incompetent as Obama) had already doomed his election chances.
    Don’t be surprised if we have a big October Surprise next year, some real ‘crisis’ to try to persuade us not to vote him out….

  9. MerlinOS2 says:


    Romney’s advisor on the CO2 issue was John Holdren who is now in the Obama administration.

    Most of you know his past and beliefs.

    Clearly this is a major drawback for Romney.

  10. Layman says:


    In your own words…

    “It is not just about RomneyCare and how it was the precursor model for ObamaCare. That is definitely enough reason to reject Romney…”

    OK… explain it to me.

    1) Conservatives like the Constitutional principle of States’ rights, correct? Romneycare was put through in a liberal state, with a liberal state legislature, and was approved of by a large majority of the people in that state. So itsn’t that OK? For Massechusetts?

    2) Do your research. Go back to the news interviews back then – not now. Romney has been consistent. From day one he said that the Massechusetts model was not one that should be imposed on the other States. On GMA (or maybe the Today Show) the day after his bill was signed into law he said (I paraphrase): “This bill should not be imposed on any other State. They should be free to copy it, modify it, or do something entirely different as they see fit.” Isn’t that a conservative point of view?

    I guess I don’t like the general attack which is based on your dislike of him rather than your dislike of the principles he embraces.

    Argue with the underlying principles. Argue that the individual mandate (which by the way I believe is unconstitutional at the Federal level but constitutuinal at the State level) was wrong – even if it was legal. Make the case. Just calling him Robamaney is a cheap shot. I’m pretty sure you’re better than that.

  11. crosspatch says:

    I am not a Cain fan. I believe the media is intentionally holding off on hammering him in order to allow him to knock Perry and others out of the race. Once he has done that, the media will “Dan Quayle” him and he is quite vulnerable to that as he has made some serious gaffes in the not so distant past that the media has given him a pass on so far. I think they are just saving them up.

    I am not a Romney fan but I will vote for him in the general. Right now I am a Perry fan. See the Kudlow interview:


    Cain doesn’t have the depth needed to be President. Maybe if he served as a Governor or even Vice President first, but not currently. He just isn’t that well-versed in world events or US foreign policy.

  12. dhunter says:

    I’m not a Perry fan. His performance in debates guarantees him a stage and a massacre by Obama, something Obama might not be as quick to extend to Cain. I think the Berkley gal has something when she says Obama is used to glad handing the white man or woman, acting the Alpha male, but when a strong black man comes along he becomes the beta, perhaps from his 1/2 blackness he becomes less secure and less confident. His life experiences shaped and formed that within him, it is something he cannot easily hide.
    Cain has some pretty heavy weight advisers on board right now and as an executive his job is to take all the best advice he can find and make an informed decision, something he has done very successfully in the past.
    Do not forget the Power of The People and their utter disdain for politicians and inside the beltway panderers of all stripes.
    It’s time for a non politician to take a shot at cleaning up the mess the political class has made of our country I just hope its not too late, I intend to send Herman money! If he did a money bomb I’m sure it would flow in.

  13. sjreidhead says:

    There’s one little problem here. All the “we the people” I know, are supporting Romney. They are terrified of Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan that will basically destroy the economy though misguided national sales taxes. The plan is so ill advised that evidently he either does not care or does not comprehend that an additional 9% added to state and local sale taxes will kill our consumer driven economy. Any pathetic attempt to say that business will lower prices because their taxes will go down is a joke. Aside from gas prices, just name one item where the price goes down. They never do.

    The last thing this country needs is something like a 9-9-9 plan on top of this recession. It will be a body blow that will destroy the GOP forever, but then I suspect that is the whole plan.

    Long live the tea party “patriots” – right? I still don’t know one person who either is part of the tea party or actually supports them.

    The Pink Flamingo

  14. crosspatch says:

    How do you figure a 9% sales tax will destroy sales? I don’t think it will. Particularly if you exempt the first $100K of income from income tax.

    We have GOT to expand the tax base and collect tax from people who have unreported income. Everyone who is engaging in welfare fraud, illegal activities, working under the table, etc. will then pay some tax when they buy a six pack.

    This is exactly why states do it. It extracts some tax from EVERYONE.

    Why can states do that and not the federal government.

    As for Perry in the debates, I don’t even waste my time watching them, I would rather watch in depth interviews. The debates aren’t debates, they are often stupid questions tossed out there and the candidates are given enough time to create a sound bite. Often someone will say something that is level of abstraction above the topic and don’t have the time to fill in the surrounding context.

    I also believe Perry is dead on in educating the children of illegals.

    But one thing I would like to see some candidate take up: Do not use government funds to subsidize college for surplus degrees. We have English majors waiting tables, we don’t need more of them. Look at the people we are giving H1B visas to and importing to the country and subsidize THOSE degrees. We need more math, science, and engineering graduates, not more English, Anthropology, and Literature graduates.

    An Art History degree is going to buy you a position on the sales floor of Macy’s and little else.

  15. Redteam says:

    sjreidhead, Do you live in the US? I live in Louisiana and I have plenty of personal friends that are Tea Partiers, I’m not a fanatic, but I’m a believer in their goals and objectives. I have Never met a Romney supporter. So, tell me, if you don’t mind, which state you live in. I’m relatively sure it must be Mass, but I’d be surprised if there are many supporters there after he loaded them all up with paying insurance premiums.
    I don’t know anyone that is ‘afraid’ of Cain’s 9-9-9 plan (which I personally have tried to find, but can’t) but I have said many times, the numbers need to be adjusted to insure revenue neutrality. Also, it should be fixed so that a ‘simple’ majority can lower the tax rate but a super majority is required to raise them.
    One pitfall is, since this is a national tax, does it apply to goods bought from outside the US? I know a lot of people avoid state taxes by buying out of state and I know that I have bought some items from outside the country. Hong Kong, for example, ships directly by FEDEX or UPS to addresses in the US with no state sales taxes. I’m not sure all these things have been thought out.
    If you are in a manufacturing business that is located in your home, do you have to pay sales taxes on your raw materials (which you buy at WalMart) and then if you sell it, ‘under the table’ do you have to collect sales taxes? Do you have to pay an ‘income’ tax? Nobody has cleared up all these questions and I can’t find the ‘plan’. Kinda like Pelosi said, we’ll have to pass the law to find out what is in it.


    ” Particularly if you exempt the first $100K of income from income tax.” And just how do you ‘identify’ the ‘first’ 100K? Is that ‘above’ or ‘under’ the table? Why do you want to extract taxes from people with ‘easily identifiable’ incomes and overlook those from under the table activities. Yes, I know, they’ll have to pay it on items they buy, if they buy them ‘above’ the table and not on the ‘black market’, but so will all the ‘above’ the table taxed people (double taxed, in fact)

    “I also believe Perry is dead on in educating the children of illegals.”
    I will agree they should be ‘educated’, everyone in the US should be, but why should they get an advantage(in-state tuition) going to the Univ of Texas over a US resident of Louisiana?

    That is the problem, it’s not whether they are educated, it’s the advantage of an illegal alien over a US citizen.

  16. dhunter says:

    The 9 9 9 plan is not a joke or poorly thought out pipe dream!
    No less than Art Laffer has endorsed it.
    The details are not all out, but the frame work is visible on Hermans website. The details will include “empowerment zones” where the tax issues for the low income will likely be addressed.
    In a competitive marketplace the free market will dictate prices and a seller is aboslutely able to adjust his prices to attract customers. Where I live once a year we have a tax free holiday for school clothes for a weekend before school starts.
    Lower costs to business will likely allow them to lower costs to consumers thus absorbing some of the 9% sales tax. Only in a big government, monopolistic, crony capitalism market do the fat cats not have to be competitive by virtue of their favored business, monopoly status.
    Obama with payoffs to big banks, big auto, green energy is putting us on that path to Corporate monopolies and political cronyism, it is THE business method of socialists, shame on the companies (Goldman Sachs, GE, Solyndra, Chrysler, GM) that are in bed with him, it must be stopped.
    Tea Party Proud and gonna stay Loud!

  17. oneal lane says:

    I am with Crosspatch. something about Cain worries me. He is a good “talker” and perhaps a good businessman, but I am concerned he lacks dept. I also agree that he is being set up. To date, there is little media criticism. I think they have their ammunition and waiting in ambush. No-one is squeeky clean.

    Please no Romney but then I am not sold on the others. I liked Michelle but she kind of lost me with some of her statements.

  18. Redteam says:

    “The details are not all out, but the frame work is visible on Hermans website. The details will include “empowerment zones” where the tax issues for the low income will likely be addressed.”

    You ever heard the saying “the devil is in the details” which are ‘not out’ yet?
    “empowerment zones” “tax issues for the low income” will be addressed?
    What? doesn’t the 999 take care of that? Already making concessions, My income is 110K, so does that include me? i’m in the ‘under 250K’ class, does that mean no taxes for me?

    That framework on Herman’s site is barely four walls with no floor and no top. (maybe we’ll have to pass it into law to see what it contains) to quote Nancy.

    I support the ‘fair’/’flat’ tax concept, but Herman is blowing a little smoke right now. He hasn’t thought it out too well.

    Nobody seems willing to address the ‘under the table’ payroll and sales.
    If it were to pass as I understand it now, I would go into the ‘buying it at retail’ in mass quantities to get a price break and paying the taxes on it, then reselling it tax free as used goods. that way I could make a profit ‘under the table’ (no income taxes) and the people buying the ‘used’ goods from me would get a good price and not have to pay a sales tax. But, of course, no one would ‘actually’ do that? Sure they wouldn’t.. Some serious thinking has to be put into this. Don’t buy it sight unseen…

  19. dhunter says:

    “If it were to pass as I understand it now, I would go into the ‘buying it at retail’ in mass quantities to get a price break and paying the taxes on it, then reselling it tax free as used goods. That way I could make a profit ‘under the table’ (no income taxes) and the people buying the ‘used’ goods from me would get a good price and not have to pay a sales tax.”

    I sell retail AND hire contractors to install my product. The above scenario is unicorn farts and fairy dust.
    You will not buy NEW cheap enough retail with taxes to be able to sell USED without taxes as the market place adjusts for used vs new prices and if this scheme was to be tried on any scale large enough to make a difference you would invite the Tax man to shut you down and fine you. Get real!

  20. Archeryl says:

    Herman Cain was in AZ yesterday. He met with Sheriff Joe and then headed over to the Phoenix Convention Center for a Republican Party fundraiser. The event was originally scheduled to take place in a small venue but so many folks wanted to see Mr. Cain that the location was switched to a much larger location. I am guessing that at least 600 plus people attended. Herman Cain rocked the house for 30 minutes (without a teleprompter no less). We gave him at least 12 standing ovations. He got his biggest ovation when he talked about “peace through strength” and “standing with our friends, including Israel.” The man is a true American — Reaganesque even. Chefs were coming out of the kitchen and DPS officers were coming in from outside to hear this man. After witnessing this man in person, I am absolutely convinced that he IS going to be the next president of the United States.