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Oct 09 2012

Are 2010 Insurgent Voters Finally Engaging?

Update: Andrew Sullivan’s expression of shock tells me the current poll reversal has to be more than just a good/poor debate performance: Seriously: has that kind of swing ever happened this late in a campaign? Has any candidate lost 18 points among women voters in one night ever? And we are told that when Obama […]

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Mar 06 2012

Obligatory Rush/Fluke Post

Rush Limbaugh has taken the circular firing squad to new levels: he went into straight implode mode, and took the GOP with him. Let’s be clear here: Rush Limbaugh was wrong, arrogant and cruel. He deserves the financial reminder that his success is not a license to hurt others. I have no sympathy for the […]

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Oct 17 2011

No Robamaney – Evah!

The establishment GOP better understand one thing right now. We The People do not care how much campaign money candidate Romney has, how well liked he is by the Political Industrial Complex or how nice his hair is – he will never be acceptable as the GOP nominee for President. Not now, not in 2012, […]

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Sep 26 2010

The Real Tea Party Movement Emerges

I think the Political Industrial Complex on the right is still trying to take control of the Tea Party, and is missing the point of the movement. I have said for a year this is a libertarian movement, not a social conservative movement. And two recent articles make the point quite clearly. First, via RCP, […]

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May 16 2010

The Power Of Freedom Always Trumps The Incompetence Of “Hope & Change”

As many may have noted my blogging has dropped off a bit recently. Mostly this is due to an increased cadence at work and trying to survive the Obama economic mess. But it also has to do with a realization that this country and planet are going to be suffering through months of tough times […]

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Mar 20 2010

The Path To The Dark Side Is Now Complete In DC

I spent my life inside the Beltway of DC – half a century now. I have seen how the place consumes people and then destroys their morales and honor. It is the endless power games, inside deals and ego trips of being ‘in charge’ that turn normal Americans into pathetic know-it-all politicians, consultants and elements […]

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