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Nov 09 2011

Looks Like Bialek May Have Been The Predator

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I have to laugh at the idiotic hand-wringing going on with the Cain sexual harassment/assault kerfuffle. Not that sexual harassment or assault is not serious (I am the father of 3 daughters so don’t even pretend to read too much into my views on Cain and his accusers). But the charges are lacking seriousness or […]

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Nov 09 2011

Cain Puts HIs Troubles Behind Him

For those who watched Cain’s press conference on the sexual allegations I can pretty much assume those outside the Beltway with an open mind (sorry libs, that leaves you out) are good with his statements and already are moving on. There are no facts behind the allegations, and calls to address trumped up charges in […]

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Nov 07 2011

Cain’s Week In The Cross Hairs

My apologies for the light posting, massive meetings and travel recently.  And thanks to DJStrata for stepping in while I was engaged elsewhere. Not too surprisingly, the one man who represents the biggest threat to business as usual in DC is on the receiving end of a character assassination hit job from DC’s Political Industrial […]

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Oct 26 2011

NY Times Denies 2012 Political Forces

This has been a fascinating election cycle in one important way. All sides of the Political Industrial Complex of this nation (centered in DC, NY City and LA) have been trying to ignore the Big Elephant in the room: The American Voters and their anti-government rage. The NY Times comes out spinning like a top […]

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Oct 18 2011

Salute To Anderson Cooper – Cain Rises Above The Fray

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First off, I am a political animal covering decades of the inside Beltway BS and I tip my hat to Anderson Cooper. For the most part, Anderson tried to give every candidate time on all issues, tried to give each candidate a chance to respond. He was excellent as a moderator (more please). Anderson teed […]

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Oct 17 2011

No Robamaney – Evah!

The establishment GOP better understand one thing right now. We The People do not care how much campaign money candidate Romney has, how well liked he is by the Political Industrial Complex or how nice his hair is – he will never be acceptable as the GOP nominee for President. Not now, not in 2012, […]

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