Mar 30 2011

Emperor Obama’s Libyan Failure – Mission Accomplished!

We should declare victory and leave the Libyan mess to the French. We stopped the massacre of Benghazi from occuring – Mission Accomplished! (at least according to Emperor Obama’s speech to his subjects this week). Per the UN resolutions and all the false PR, we are done. And a good thing too, because Col Qaddafi is not going to be deposed any time soon:

Bin Jawad has a mostly apolitical Bedouin population. “It’s a quiet town,” says Salah, an engineer who lives in the town, which is barely a mile long from east to west. “Most of the people work in the oil companies nearby.”

But for the second time in less than a month, it’s also the town where the ambitions of Libya’s rebels run smack against the merciless reality of war. At the beginning of the week, the rebels — emboldened by allied air strikes and a war that seemed to be shifting suddenly in their favor — had pushed west into Bin Jawad.

By Tuesday afternoon, it was the rebels’ turn to flee again — in a tangled, panicked traffic jam of gun trucks and civilian cars — as Gaddafi’s forces pounded them once again with a barrage of missile fire and sniper shots. It was a familiar scene, and Bin Jawad may yet become a most familiar front line.

The Emperor’s rag tag group of supposed freedom fighters is no match for Qaddafi’s forces. It seems President Obama is playing out some childish fantasy in his head, where kids in pick up trucks using make shift weapons take on the all powerful military.

Sadly, in reality that means massive death and destruction on both sides and no Disney ending. Unlike our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, where we were willing to put our blood on the line for our causes, Emperor Obama and his war cabinet are trying to win this one on the cheap. They don’t want to get too close, close enough to make the final difference. It is a well known fact outside the liberal haze of delusion that no war can be won with stand-off weapons alone. In Iraq and Afghanistan we fought side-by-side with our allies. We did not send them into meat grinders and then hold conferences in Europe to plot the next debacle.

We have created a worse mess in Libya than was there before. We now have an Eastern Libya that will be a magnet for Islamist and Jihadists who will be trained and armed by the Great Satan itself. A moronic result any sane person knew would likely transpire.

So are we cutting our losses since we fulfilled the UN and Emperor’s mandate to stop the massacre of Benghazi? Hell no, these lunatics are contemplating boots on the ground!

Should rebels in Libya be successful in driving Col. Moammar Gadhafi from power, they may need a foreign presence on the ground to keep the country stable, according to U.S. Navy Adm. James Stavridis.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday, Stavridis, the top NATO military commander, told lawmakers that NATO could wind up deploying ground troops, given its history in past conflicts such as Bosnia and Kosovo.

So far, the chance of this happening is slim without ground forces to unseat Qaddafi. But we are on the slippery slope. This unconstitutional war, founded on an illegal UN mandate that violates its own charter, is quickly spinning out of control. It is well past time to stop the madness before even more damage is done.

Update: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air notes the Rebel retreat, and I have created a topic covering all my posts on this unfolding disaster

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2 Responses to “Emperor Obama’s Libyan Failure – Mission Accomplished!”

  1. WWS says:

    Ground Troops = US Marines

    The Euro’s simply have no capability of supporting ground forces outside of their territory unless they act as very limited American auxiliaries.

    That’s why this talk of giving it to Nato or “let the French do it” is a joke. The French military is a paper tiger, not so great Britain is broke, the Germans have already walked out of the operation, and the Italians are hiding out and hoping no one goes looking for them.

    Without ground forces, this war is lost.

    Without US troops, there are no ground forces.

  2. Frogg1 says:

    Boots on the Ground? Hillary hints at arming the rebels? NATO wonders about peacekeepers? NATO says we will not be taking sides? Obama turns over US led UN mission to US led NATO all the while knowing they are both US led/US paid for? Are we in Libya to secure European oil? Past ties between Gadhafi, Farrakhan, Obama, U.S. Muslim groups raising questions? And, the now the latest:

    CNN: US changing war “strategy” to all-out attack on Gaddafi forces

    I’m confused as ever.