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Jun 17 2013

Leaving Our People To Die In Benghazi

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Joe Digenova was on a local DC AM talk show this morning and said something very important about Benghazi and how the Pentagon and White House apparently decided to halt any efforts to provide support to our people being attacked in an unsecured consulate in Benhgazi. His main point was that the Chairman of the […]

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May 10 2013

The Benghazi Smoking Gun

When four people are horribly murdered, it is incumbent upon society to resolve why, and bring those to justice who were at fault. It does not matter if those at fault pulled the trigger, or where simply responsible to protect the dead and were derelict in their duty (which some are paid huge sums of […]

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May 07 2013

Immediate Action Could Have Saved American Lives In Benghazi

Some of the dumbest excuses I have heard about what went wrong in Benghazi was help could not make it in time to save our 4 brave Americans under attack. That is pure BS. We are  talking a battle that raged for hours and moved from one location to another. We are talking about tee-shirt […]

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Oct 24 2012

Benghazi Revelations Prove Incident Is One More Example Of Team Obama’s Incompetence

Update: The comments are flying over this news at Hot Air, with the expected frustration with the nonsense this has become: If I understand the White House’s Benghazi narrative in its current form, it boils down to this. There was no protest, but the attack was still kinda sorta spontaneous insofar as it was inspired […]

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Mar 30 2011

Emperor Obama’s Libyan Failure – Mission Accomplished!

We should declare victory and leave the Libyan mess to the French. We stopped the massacre of Benghazi from occuring – Mission Accomplished! (at least according to Emperor Obama’s speech to his subjects this week). Per the UN resolutions and all the false PR, we are done. And a good thing too, because Col Qaddafi […]

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