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Mar 30 2011

Emperor Obama’s Libyan Failure – Mission Accomplished!

We should declare victory and leave the Libyan mess to the French. We stopped the massacre of Benghazi from occuring – Mission Accomplished! (at least according to Emperor Obama’s speech to his subjects this week). Per the UN resolutions and all the false PR, we are done. And a good thing too, because Col Qaddafi […]

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Oct 03 2009

President Obama: “My Image Is More Important Than Iranian Nukes”

The President seems to have seriously ruffled some EU feathers at the UN (which probably has a lot to do with Chicago’s lackluster run at the Olympics) by pushing his personal image over that of the interests of the international community: The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying […]

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Jan 17 2009

UN Supports Terrorism, To The Point Of Providing Jobs And Shelter

Forgive and Forget! it is an interesting concept. Some assume it means to pardon. Well, pardoning a minor insults, clumsy act or verbal gaffe is fine. But mass murder? Atrocities against innocent children? Using civilians as human shields? No, that is not the kinds of acts that fall under the Forgive and Forget clause of […]

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