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Aug 23 2011

Wisconsin Unions Can’t Support Themselves

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[H/T to Ann Althouse for Picture] It turns out one of the strangest and clearly useless ‘unions’ I have ever heard of is now defunct – thanks Governor Scott Walker and the GOP legislature. It turns out that in Wisconsin, a program to help financially struggling but promising students become Teaching Assistants was co-opted by […]

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Apr 06 2011

What Canary Tuesday In Wisconsin Taught Us

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Previous posts here and here. As I noted yesterday, the election for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice in WI was going to be a clear indicator of the political forces roiling through the electorate. All the lefty spin doctors were out claiming a win by the liberal, union-backed Kloppenburg would scare the pants off the GOP […]

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Mar 23 2011

Well, At Least Someone Knows They Are At War

Juxtaposition – a wonderful yet underestimated concept. Also sometimes known as “split-screen optics”. It can be really damning, like today. It seems the NEA is the only group in America actually at war – and of course they are at war with America: Though reasonable arguments can be made that the collective bargaining measures in […]

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Sep 23 2008

Who Has The Mojo?

Which campaign has momentum? Well, we have some pictures from this week to answer the question. Here is an Obama event in deep blue Wisconsin where Obama attracted only 2/3rds the crowd McCain-Palin did a few days earlier. Estimates are 6,000 People.   And here is a McCain-Palin event in deep blue Pennsylvania: The evidence […]

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