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Sep 19 2008

Fly By 09_19_08

Wanted to just post a bunch of items I have been holding onto that I find interesting. Sadly for you folks sick of polls it contains a lot of polls. But for the rest of us propeller-heads there is some intetersting data points to ponder. Not to fear though, I am starting of with excerpts […]

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Sep 16 2008

Two States To Watch For Election Direction – Updated

Ever since the GOP convention and the selection of Governor Sarah Palin for the VP slot there have been numerous polls showing a pro McCain-Palin wave of various levels and duration across the nation. I have posted on these over the past few days (see below for links). What is clear is deep blue states […]

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Sep 16 2008

More Terrible Poll News For Obama

A new Quinnipiac Poll out today for NJ has some shocking numbers for team Obama. The bottom line is bad enough. McCain-Palin have cut the previous 10 point lead in this deep blue state down to 3% (right at the MoE, making this a statistical tie). But there is even more bad news in this […]

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Sep 15 2008

Palin Wave Continues To Build, Surfacing In NY

Apparently there is a set of shocking polls out from deep blue NY which has both parties shaken about the impact of Sarah Palin on the election dynamics: The internal Republican and Democratic polls, details of which were provided to The Post, have stunned members of both parties – and produced deep worries among Democrats. […]

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Sep 14 2008

Minnesota Slipping From Obama’s Grip

This is probably the most stunning news of the weekend for Team Obama, devastating poll news out of Minnesota: A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll shows that the race is now a dead heat between Barack Obama and John McCain, each supported by 45 percent of likely voters in the state. … The poll found that McCain […]

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Sep 14 2008

McCain Hits 50% In Rassmussen Tracking

McCain-Palin are doing something right – they just hit the 50% mark in the Rasmussen Daily Trackin Polling, still holding a 3% lead.   The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows John McCain reaching the 50% level of support for the first time since Barack Obama wrapped up the Democratic Presidential Nomination. […]

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Sep 14 2008

O-Bomba’s “Arrogance-Express” Is Derailing

More and more evidence is pooring in that the Obama campaign machine is latching up and smoke is starting to rise as it stalls and begins to fade. Obama was always a very high risk choice with his political inexperience (he has never won a straight election, ever). One can argue he did not win […]

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Sep 12 2008

McCain-Palin Wave Still Building

Today’s Rassmussen Daily Tracking Poll numbers may be confirming my prediction that the McCain-Palin wave of support is still building: McCain now attracts 48% of the vote while Obama earns 45%. When “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 49%, Obama 46%. Yesterday, the candidates were tied. … It is unusual to find a three-point jump in […]

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Sep 10 2008

O-Bomba Crashing With Independents

This is the year of the electoral middle. I have said many times you lose the middle you lose the election. Hyper partisanship is poison.  Being tied to the Political Industrial Complex of Pols, Pundits and Media is poison. America wants a breath of fresh air – and they are getting it with Sarah Palin […]

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Sep 10 2008

Another Poll, Another Indication Women Running From O-Bomba

Another poll shows a huge shift occurring in the women’s vote, spooking seasoned Dem Pols who know what this means: A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Tuesday, for instance, shows that McCain is now winning among white women 52% to 41% after having been statistically tied with Obama in that crucial category just […]

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