Sep 16 2008

More Terrible Poll News For Obama

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A new Quinnipiac Poll out today for NJ has some shocking numbers for team Obama. The bottom line is bad enough. McCain-Palin have cut the previous 10 point lead in this deep blue state down to 3% (right at the MoE, making this a statistical tie). But there is even more bad news in this democrat leaning state:

Fueled by a surge of support from white voters, Republican Sen. John McCain has narrowed a 10-point gap and now trails Democratic Sen. Barack Obama 48 – 45 percent among New Jersey likely voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 51 – 41 percent Sen. Obama lead in an August 13 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

In this latest survey, white voters back Sen. McCain 56 – 37 percent, up from 50 – 42 percent August 13. Black voters support the Democrat 93 – 7 percent, compared to 94 – 1 percent. Men back McCain 53 – 40 percent, reversing a 48 – 45 percent Obama lead, while women stay with Obama 54 – 38 percent, compared to 53 – 38 percent.

But white women back McCain 50 – 42 percent, compared to 46 – 44 percent for Obama Aug. 13. Independent voters shift from 45 – 42 percent for Obama to 47 – 43 percent for McCain.

Emphasis mine. McCain went from -2 to +8, a shift of 10 points, with white women. If these women were Hillary voters then Obama has lost a good swath of them in what should be a democrat state. The 7 point switch in Independents is also a killer for Obama. Democrats cannot win elections with these numbers. And as always, the question remains as to whether this is the crest of a wave or just a snapshot of one building.

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  1. A Republican blogger on a Democratic activist e-mail list is reporting that Obama’s campaign is asking Virginia Democrats to work week ends in Pennsylvania !??!


    That is a double dose of bad news for Obama, if true.

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