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Feb 23 2010

Live Blogging EPA Senate Hearings

The head of the EPA just destroyed the case for controlling CO2. You could see the democrats walking themselves into a checkmate as they tried to point to US government agencies as their new source of AGW and the threat to America. The EPA lead just dismissed the IPCC report as not important, since she […]

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Feb 23 2010

Inhofe Targets AGW, Will Media Report?

Here is Inhofe’s Minority Report Final Update: (previous updates at the end) I am listening in on the hearings and I can tell you the Democrats are a pretty ignorant lot, which explains why they are so gullible on AGW. Senator Udall blathered on about ‘super computers’, as if processing power guarantees accurate results. Ugh! […]

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Feb 13 2010

Tarnished Head Of CRU Admits Current Warming Not Historic

Update: Marc Shepard at American Thinker pounces on Jones. In a BBC Q&A and corresponding interview released Friday, the discredited Climategate conspirator revealed a number of surprising insights into his true climate beliefs, the most shocking of which was that 20th-century global warming may not have been unprecedented.  As the entire anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory is […]

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Dec 09 2009

More “Hide The Decline” From NASA GISS

This is why real scientists share their data, algorithms and code for peer review, to ensure there is no crazy fudging of data. More and more people are out looking at the raw temperature record and comparing it to the man-made global warming (AGW) alarmists’ ‘adjusted’ data and discovering the same pattern. This time it […]

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Dec 03 2009

NASA GISS Did Hide 1940’s Blip

In a follow up to my previous post regarding how the cover up of the warm period seen globally in the 1930’s -1940’s is probably the best documented, easiest to grasp case of falsifying raw data to create the myth of runaway global warming (and thus man-made  global warming) we have some news with a […]

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