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Sep 07 2009

Far Left Going Mad Over Van Jones, Imploding From Slap From Reality

Americans don’t support progressive or socialistic or liberal policies. End of fact. As long as this eludes the left they will continue to sink in the polls and doom the Democrats to political suicide in 2010. Americans know there are endless ways to protect the environment, provide health care, educate the children, care for the […]

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Aug 24 2009

Maybe Everyone’s Just Tired Of The DC BS?

Seems the Obama administration is getting a little testy over the fact that Americans are simply not enthralled with their efforts to date. Rasmussen is showing another precipitous drop in support for our young President today, which would indicate another group of one time supporters have moved to become opponents: “Strongly Oppose” outnumbers “Strongly Supports” […]

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Aug 17 2009

USA Still A Center Right Nation – But Can GOP Capitalize?

It is no surprise to most people that America on average leans far more to the conservative side of things than the liberal side. In fact, Gallup has come out with a large study showing that self described ‘conservatives’ outnumber ‘liberals’ in all 50 states. It is so one sided that there is only one […]

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Jul 31 2009

Liberal Democrats Plotting Open Warfare On All Private Health Insurance

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DC’s old dog liberals now running Congress are coming for your health insurance America – make no mistake. Since the centrists and moderates in the Democrat Party foiled the liberal’s plans to take over the nation’s health care this summer under cover of a rushed bill, the far left has decided to end their stealth […]

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Jul 15 2009

I Think Our President Has Lost His Mind

We have witnessed since January how liberal naiveté has applied the wrong government medicine and treatments to an ailing job market, making things worse than anyone would have expected. Obama and his liberal allies in Congress claimed they wanted to ‘stimulate’ the economy to create jobs and this had to be done right away. But they implemented […]

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Jul 14 2009

Sarah Palin Steps Into “Center” Stage

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The defunct and failed political industrial complex is all in a tizzy because Sarah Palin is making her move. And they have good reason to feel threatened (though they have no good excuse for being unprofessional and insulting). Palin is coming out aiming for the heart of American politics – the centrists: The former Republican vice-presidential […]

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Jul 14 2009

Remember, President Obama Claims His Economic Plan Is Working!

The economic train wreck is now pretty much unavoidable. The deficit numbers out for June make that clear, and assuming the same employment disaster for the next few months, President Obama and the Congressional Dems are on a path of historic economic screw ups.  The Wall Street Journal has some of the sobering data out […]

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Jul 13 2009

Coming Soon – The Battle Over The War On Terrorism

You can tell the liberal democrats are in deep trouble on the economy. Their last ditch, hail-mary move is to try and open up investigations against our own defenders during the years of the war on terror, which President Bush executed after 9-11. I plan to post on the latest Orwellian rewrite of history and […]

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Jun 02 2009

Have You Sacrificed Your Career And Life’s Work For Obama’s Liberal Economic Experiment?

This post was originally titled “Obama’s Lies On Economy Getting Out Of Control – Where Is The Job Creating Stimulus?” But it was lost over the weekend after the murders committed by the left and right fringe (see here and here) pushed the post down ‘below the fold’.  Comments by President Obama yesterday regarding the GM-Government […]

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Mar 09 2009

If Johnny Liberal Jumped Off A Bridge …

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As should be well known, folks on the right have found clear evidence of liberal democrats wanting President Bush to fail. Heck, I can find evidence of Amnesty Hypochondriacs on the right wanting Presidente Bustrada -Ze Traitor –  to fail as well. No shocker here, except for those crazy souls who think only Rush Limbaugh […]

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