Jul 31 2009

Liberal Democrats Plotting Open Warfare On All Private Health Insurance

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DC’s old dog liberals now running Congress are coming for your health insurance America – make no mistake. Since the centrists and moderates in the Democrat Party foiled the liberal’s plans to take over the nation’s health care this summer under cover of a rushed bill, the far left has decided to end their stealth plan and go right out into the open.

Their first salvo is an open letter in the House that warns the far left nuts will not support any health plan that does not include a government run, non-competitive priced controlled health care program is included (which will destroy private insurance companies):

We regard the agreement reached by Chairman Waxman and several Blue Dog members of the Committee as fundamentally unacceptable. This agreement is not a step forward toward a good health care bill, but a large step backwards. Any bill that does not provide, at a minimum, for a public option with reimbursement rates based on Medicare rates—not negotiated rates—is unacceptable. 

The last line is clear in its demands. Not free market competition, just government mandated price controls. No negotiation, pure central command directives on what is allowed and what can be paid.

The second salvo out today is the plan to demonize the private health insurance of those 80% of us happily covered. Instead of Health Care being about helping the poor or assisting the uninsured, the truth is now out in the open – the liberals are attacking our private health insurance system with the intent to destroy it:

House Democratic leaders have developed a coordinated strategy for attacking insurance companies to ward off attacks from opponents of their health care overhaul during the August break, according to a strategy memo obtained by The Hill.

“Remove the insurance companies from between you and your doctor— capping what they can force you to pay in out of pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles, and giving you the peace of mind you will be covered for the care you need, if get sick, or if you change or lose your job.”

What a pathetic joke. Insurance companies OFFER plans with various co-pays and options and deductibles. You have a RANGE of choices in this matter as you are the CONSUMER of the health service. You can even sue for breach of contract. Are the liberals so dumb as to think we don’t know that if we ‘remove the insurance companies’ (i.e, destroy them) we have NO choices! We will have the one size fits all government rationed health care. We will ‘save money’ but be dying in long lines for crappy government run care.

These people are imbeciles, and we cannot get to the 2010 elections fast enough. They are inserting the government into your decision process for which kind of health care plan you want and leaving you know options, they are getting between you and your doctor as to what treatments you can contemplate (that will be restricted by the government approved list which could allow for spending on Viagra but nothing for annual oral cancer testing – per my wise younger brother’s observations) and they are also getting into the end of life discussions between the elderly and their families. 

The subtlety is now gone from the attack:

The attack comes even though the health insurance industry hasn’t attacked President Obama’s plan or the legislation being hammered out in Congress.

But Democrats who’d pushed for a vote before the break are dreading an onslaught of advertisements funded by business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is putting $2 million toward fighting a Democratic proposal to create a government-run “public plan” to compete with private insurers.

You know why the onslaught is working libs? NO ONE WANTS A PUBLIC PLAN! Get over it. Stop attacking the wishes of America.

Of course they will not stop – which in the end will spell their demise. This time it will be much worse than 1994.

Update: An inside look at the consternation on the left as the Health Care issue implodes all over the Democrats. Quite intriguing.

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6 Responses to “Liberal Democrats Plotting Open Warfare On All Private Health Insurance”

  1. kathie says:

    You don’t think that the dems can convince enough people they can have medical care for nothing? I’m not so sure.

  2. dhunter says:

    Its real simple!
    Have you heard the commercials for the cure for —–?
    The side effects are diarrhea, vomiting, blurry vision, dizzyness,nervousness and insomnia!

    The public says screw that the side effects are worse than the illness.

    With Government HealthScare the side effects are far worse than the condition.
    They will ruin the best medicine known to man, bankrupt the country (which is already nearly there), drive doctors, hospitals ,and clinics out of business and end the lives of many Americans that would otherwise choose to further there lives through medical treatment!

  3. Neo says:

    As Charles Krauthammer pointed out this morning …
    But that bill will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. The beginning of the retreat was signaled by Obama’s curious reference — made five times — to “health-insurance reform” during his July 22 news conference.
    … it’s now about “insurance reform” … “Reforming the health-care system is dead.”

  4. ph2ll says:

    The leftist want nothing more than the good ole “command and control” mechanism reminiscent of the Soviet era. Can I question their patriotism now?

  5. kathie says:

    If Medicare and Medicaid pay a physician 20 cents on the dollar, private insurance pays 80 to 95 cents on the dollar, what happens when there is no one to make it worth while for a physician to practice medicine, because there are no private insurers?

  6. marksbbr says:

    This open letter to the Blue Dogs reminds me of what Rush called the Democrat primaries in 2008- the “uncivil war.” I assume that the Democrats are still waging it among themselves?

    The other day I was watching Countdown on MSNBC (I was completely bored) and the guest host was Howard Dean. Dean was talking to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Brown basically said that this bill to deform health care should be passed because the voters elected Obama to enact liberal policies. The stupidity and self-assured nature of the comment angered me… everybody knows Obama portrayed himself as a moderate, post-partisan during the campaign- especially in a country where conservatives outnumber liberals at least 2-1.