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May 08 2012

Economic Chaos & Strife Lead To Dictatorship

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It is a well established fact of history that broad economic hardship leads to chaos and strife, which leads to mass/mob anger and panic – which can easily lead to brutal dictatorships and  then mass graves. Hard economic times do not have to follow this progression, but brutal regimes do arise from chaos and strife. […]

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Mar 24 2011

The Emperor’s War

Americans don’t like their intelligence insulted. And right now blundering team Obama is shotgunning alibis and excuses so fast that they sound more like a kid caught doing something they promised their parents they would never do, instead of leading some mythical and pure humanitarian rescue. Every parent right now is cringing over the lameness […]

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Mar 24 2010

Even France Ain’t Buying Cap & Tax

We all know the liberals in DC only have a few months left to finish destroying America (change we can believe in!), and at the top of their list is the fantasy of man-made global warming and the energy tax. They will do what they did on Health Care, and make up lies about how […]

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Oct 03 2009

President Obama: “My Image Is More Important Than Iranian Nukes”

The President seems to have seriously ruffled some EU feathers at the UN (which probably has a lot to do with Chicago’s lackluster run at the Olympics) by pushing his personal image over that of the interests of the international community: The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying […]

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