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Jan 04 2010

NY Times Rushes In To Save Obama & Brennan, Confirms Administration Lowered Security Posture

The NY Times comes out with a lengthy article today to try and shore up John Brennan – President Obama’s national security chief. It was just yesterday where I discovered Brennan had hinted in an interview during the presidential campaign that if Obama was elected he planned to dial back the trip wire sensitivity on […]

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Jan 03 2010

Apparently J. Brennan & E. Holder Turned Down The Sensitivity Of Our National Security Network

One thing to know about our national security data collection and distribution systems is they are always on. The only way to stop dots from connecting is to filter what is distributed (can’t stop what is collected). Prior to 9-11 the big filter (or blockade) was a FISA policy that no NSA generated lead could […]

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Jan 03 2010

One Key Problem With Our National Security – It Turned Bureaucratic

One of the major problems with a heavy government hand in key national activities is the tendency for the bureaucrats to take over and lose site of the primary mission. Surprisingly, you find the private sector folks (bias alert, that would be people like me) much more willing to take chances, push the career risk […]

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Jan 02 2010

White House Briefed On Flight 253 Bomb Technology Two Months Prior

Drip, Drip, Drip. As more information is known, the depth of the Obama Administration’s failures continue to deepen and shock. Not only did: the NSA pick up chatter in August about al Qaeda planning attacks on the US with a “Nigerian”  – possibly going by the name Umar Farouk, the NSA pick up Nigerian Umar […]

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Jan 02 2010

President Was Briefed On Holiday Attack 3 Days Ahead Of Time

I am stunned at the amount of evidence coming out on what we missed in allowing a faulty bomb triggering mechanism to come between a Jihadist bomber and the death of nearly 300 innocent people on Christmas Day in the skies over Detriot, MI. Even worse are the claims from the Obama administration about the […]

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Jan 01 2010

Are We Finger Pointing Or Correcting Mistakes?

I have zero tolerance for whiners who take on huge responsibilities and fail. Too many people think every other job in the country is a cake walk.  Busy bodies are quick to sit in judgement of others, most times based on incomplete information and from a perch of total ignorant bliss. This combination of ignorance […]

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Jan 01 2010

When Blogging Impacts National Security

I was absolutely furious with the NY Times when it ran a deceptive article in December 2005 on the changes to FISA made by President Bush to untie the hands, remove the gags and take off the blind folds from our national security defenses. I noted the faults with the story instantaneously and spent years […]

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Dec 31 2009

A Smoking Gun Dot In President’s Report On Flight 253 Intel Failures

Smoking Gun II Update At End! Very Important Updates Below! Today we are gaining more and more clarity on the missteps that led up to a Nigerian Jihadist, who was armed with a powerful and sophisticated stealth bomb and trained by al Qaeda in Yemen, coming seconds away from inflicting a Christmas Day Massacre on […]

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Dec 30 2009

Confirmation II: More Obama Changes To National Security

I hate it when I am right on matters of life and death, when the conclusion is we could see a lot more death in our immediate future. I took a lot of heat when President Obama came to office hoping he would succeed. I did this because I knew his failure would have dangerous […]

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Dec 30 2009

Confirmed: Changes By Obama Administration Probably Led To Increased Success Of Terrorist Attacks In America

I knew it would not take too long before deep sources inside the intel community would start to spill the beans about changes the liberal Obama administration made to our national security apparatus that were the likely (and I emphasize that for now) cause for terrorists having more success in hitting us in 2009 than […]

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