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May 13 2010

The Economic Carnage Of Rampant Liberalism Continues

Two forces in America are heading for a showdown this fall. The first is rampant liberalism that is bankrupting generations of Americans into the future. Through wild and risky schemes, honed from TV-land like thinking about the wonders of Big Brother Government, liberals have put in place a rolling disaster. Just take the April deficit […]

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Nov 13 2009

DC Liberals Have Bankrupt America After Only One Year In Power

Ed Morrissey caught my eye with this post on October’s mind boggling deficit number: The federal government busted the budget worse than last October by $20 billion with a deficit of $176.36 billion for the month.  That used to be considered a decent deficit target … for an entire year … … It’s roughly four […]

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Apr 22 2009

Democrats Had Their Chance – Muffed It!

I know a lot of people think it is way to early to declare the Democrats efforts in DC a total failure, but it really isn’t. Things have been put in motion which cannot be reversed, even if the Democrats were willing to admit their screw ups and try and undo them. The economic forces […]

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Apr 20 2009

Has Team Obama Lost Their Collective Minds?

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  How dumb does Team Obama think Americans are? First, in  a year where the Obama administration is planning on spending nearly $2,000,000,000,000, they come out and propose  a measly $100,000 in budget cuts so as to appear to be concerned about out of control government spending (who says the tea parties haven’t rattled the Dems?): […]

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Apr 11 2009

Country Going Broke At Unsustainable Speed

President Obama and the Liberal Congressional democrats are on a path to bankrupt this country. Typically it takes many years to accumulate $1 trillion in national debt. It took over 200 years to accumulate the $9 trillion in debt that was reached under President Bush. 200 years! In the last month the US debt rose […]

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Apr 01 2009

Finally, A Fiscally Responsible Plan – Updated!

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There are some voices of sanity left in Washington DC, and thankfully this voice is coming from the conservative side: House Republicans are calling for the economic stimulus package passed in February to be rescinded starting in 2010 as part of their alternative to President Obama’s budget blueprint. After being criticized last week for lacking […]

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