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Feb 07 2012

Trifecta! Santorum Slams Brakes On Romney’s Coronation

final update: Santorum pulls the upset, wins all 3 contests handily. Romney takes a huge loss as voters deny his inevitability! Well, well, well. A very surprising night for the GOP primary race. It’s 9:55 PM and with 30% of the locations reporting from Missouri Rick Santorum looks like he is going to win big. […]

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May 28 2010

Sestak Not The Only Incident Of WH Felonious Job Offers

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Sadly for Team Obama they have been so clumsy and crude in their Chicago Way that they have established clear evidence of the felonious act of trading jobs for political return in more than one instance. Take the Colorado Senate race for example, and this time pay was included: Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy […]

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Sep 20 2009

Will President Obama Invoke Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

I produced a long and involved post this morning in the terror suspects arrested in New York and Colorado, and pondered how the administration could be considering investigating the defenders of this nation as a terrorist plot unfolds here at home.  Seems politically stupid to me. But now we learn the arrests may not have […]

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Sep 27 2008

Why Many Polls May Be Too Optimistic For Obama

Voter models are the essence of political polls. You take a sample of a few hundred or a few thousand people and predict how that sample can reflect 10s-100s of millions of people. If you are off by even a small fraction in your assumptions the bottom line could be off by 5, 10 or […]

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