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Jun 08 2016

Even When She Is Winning, Hillary Is Losing

So we have finally ended the primary season for 2016 – thank goodness! We can all go back to our daily lives now at least until the conventions, maybe even until November rolls around. So what have we learned from the primary season?  Given Trump’s ‘unexpected’ rise to become the GOP’s presumptive presidential candidate, we […]

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Jun 07 2016

Is Media Crafting An Excuse For Hillary Losses Today?

Yesterday the political news media pulled the wind out of the last primaries of the season, including in California. By prematurely claiming Clinton had enough delegates, the news media just told Hillary supporters in these last primaries to “stay home”. Why do this? Bernie may not be able to win the nomination outright, but the […]

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May 25 2016

Trump Befuddles The Political Industrial Complex

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The Political Industrial Complex (or PIC, which encompasses all the Pols, their staffs and consultants, their donor-cronies and their lobbyists, and of course the news media – all who live in a bubble and consider themselves ‘elite’) are completely befuddled by the Trump phenomena. I suppose their confusion is because these supposedly brilliant, all-knowing, ‘elites’ […]

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May 30 2010

White House’s Sestak-Memo Proves Law Was Violated

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Maybe it’s because the world is crumbling around this young and inexperienced administration, but the White House Memo on their job offer to Rep Joe Sestak is a clear admission of guilt. I have no idea who much they are paying their lawyers, but they aren’t worth a dime. Here is a key passage from […]

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May 28 2010

White House Admits To Sestak Offer!

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Major Update II: Here is the complete memo, with all its admissions and attempts to ‘every thing we offered Sestak was of no value’ – so why make the offer???  The offer and the desired result are clearly delineated in this passage: The White House Chief of Staff enlisted the support of former President Bill […]

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Apr 11 2009

Team Obama Is Experiencing DC’s Paralysis of Analysis Over Pirates

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Update: Finally, some small steps in the right direction: U.S. warships are trying to stop Somali pirates from sending reinforcements to a lifeboat where an American captain is being held hostage as the high-seas standoff off Africa’s eastern coast entered a fourth day Saturday. But sadly another step backwards: Pirates seized a U.S.-owned and Italian-flagged […]

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Feb 27 2009

Jews Need To Understand The Heart Of Liberals

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Jewish leaders are learning a harsh lesson about liberal democrats – they coddle islamist terrorists and berate free democracies. They have for decades. So why are they shocked Hillary Clinton, working for President Obama, is promoting the  usual liberal lines? In a swift about face from her views as New York’s senator, Secretary of State […]

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Jan 21 2009

Bush Not So Bad – Historically

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The Wall Street Journal has an interesting graphic showing the popular support of US Presidents dating back to Harry S Truman. Historically Truman is considered one of our best Presidents, but interestingly enough his tough choices, like Bush’s, did not sit well with the public at the time. It was in hindsight that America got […]

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Dec 10 2008

Obama Really Is Clinton 2.0

I really did flirt with the idea of supporting Obama early on. The concept of new blood and fresh ideas in DC was so appealing Obama was worthy of consideration on that aspect alone. But Obama has a record of being very liberal, has taken liberal positions on votes, even though he talks more centrist.  […]

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Dec 02 2008

Foolishness Of Hyperventilating

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As I mentioned a few days ago, work is kicking my butt and my time to blog is limited. But I do want to make one observation about how Obama is playing the far right and far left to his advantage. Basically, we have a bunch of extremists on both ends of the political spectrum […]

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