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Nov 07 2009

Protect Moderates From Mad Madam Pelosi

For all those who thought they were going to get more choice in health care as a result of the liberal nightmare now being proposed in Congress you can forget about it. Here is how it is going to really play out. The Democrats have created an environment were premiums will go way up, pushing […]

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Sep 09 2009

If Paglia Is A Typical Obama Voter …

If Camille Paglia is a typical, left-of-center Obama voter then the Democrats are in for a world of hurt over the next to election cycles: As an Obama supporter and contributor, I am outraged at the slowness with which the standing army of Democratic consultants and commentators publicly expressed discontent with the administration’s strategic missteps […]

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Sep 01 2009

Start Over On Bipartisan Health Care

Democrats are about to do in 7 months what it took the GOP to do in 7 years, and that is piss off and offend the independent center of this nation’s electorate to the point the centrists vote them out of power with gusto. It is a multi-pronged problem, but it’s central force is an […]

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Mar 23 2009

Data Shows No Man-Made Global Warming

The nation and world have been debating whether mankind is the driving force behind the global climate change we have been ‘experiencing’. There is a weak and unsubstantiated theory backed by the far left that mankind is driving the climate warmer through CO2 production. That teetering theory is the excuse many liberals use to cry […]

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Mar 19 2009

View The Promise Of Obama’s Green America!

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Seems fate is giving us a lot of warning signs about what practices from Europe and Canada we should not be following. The liberal DC siren song about a Green America fighting CO2 levels would take a bad economy and basically cripple it for good, if Canada is any model: If you want to know […]

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