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Mar 07 2010

Democracy Is Biggest Threat To Islamo Fascism

We see today in Iraq two major forces of humanity in bloody conflict. We see the power of self determination, peacefully going to the polls to vote for leaders and a path forward. And we see the power obsessed fascists, who want to warp civilization to their own egomaniacal views (with them conveniently sitting at […]

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Jun 25 2009

Iran Trying To Distract World With Iraq Carnage

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As I speculated yesterday, I think it is no coincidence that there is rising carnage in neighboring Iraq as Iran is on the verge of collapse. Desperation can cause violent insanity – as we see in the massacres taking place on the Iranian streets daily now. At least seven bombs exploded around the country Thursday […]

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Nov 27 2008

India Under Attack From Islamo Fascists

It seems the national security tests of Obama and the Democrats is beginning in India, and now I can understand why Obama was hesitant to swap out people at the Department of Defense. Since he has been elected he is seeing information and getting advice that would gray the hairs of most people. I can […]

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Aug 05 2008

Hysteria Grips The Fringes

I have three stories that represent the fact the fringe in America is losing its minds. First, we have the well-worn Cult of The COLB who have now gone so far over the edge that they claim Obama’s Birth Certificate is actually forged from his sister’s certificate – which can’t be generated by Hawaii. And […]

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