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Nov 07 2011

Fox News Surrenders For Herman Cain

Good Lord, save us from armchair experts with no backbone, morals or standards. Fox News spent an hour  claiming HermanCain has now been destroyed by unfounded accusations (clearly designed to destroy the peoples’ preferred choice).  Fox News has demonstrated why the Political Industrial Complex right and left don’t understand what is happening outside the Beltway […]

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Oct 14 2011

Obama’s Fade Into History

The President is in serious danger of becoming invisible as the GOP race begins to produce sparks – primarily  because the GOP side is lining up to be a battle between Tea Party Libertarians/Independents and the Establishment GOP. Obama is not only a known quantity, but his inability to rethink his positions and explore outside […]

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Oct 13 2011

Cain Surprises GOP Establishment, Which Lamely Fires Back With Robamany

Update: Cain Surges ahead in FL 34-28 over Romney. What I think people did not expect was how Palin’s departure from the race would completely up end the standings. Because if you are a Palin supporter, you were never going to go for Romney. – end update The Tea Party movement – that libertarian spark […]

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Sep 28 2011

Big-Government’s Failures Bringing Dems And Obama Down

Competent: Having sufficient skill [1], knowledge [2], ability [3] or qualifications [4] The concept of being competent (versus incompetent) has been lost on career politicians and bureaucrats. To them competence is optional (or maybe even coincidental). All that matters is power – i.e., how many people do your bidding, how much money are you controlling […]

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