Oct 13 2011

Cain Surprises GOP Establishment, Which Lamely Fires Back With Robamany

Update: Cain Surges ahead in FL 34-28 over Romney. What I think people did not expect was how Palin’s departure from the race would completely up end the standings. Because if you are a Palin supporter, you were never going to go for Romney. – end update

The Tea Party movement – that libertarian spark that ignited in 2009 and devastated Democrat politicians up and down the political levels (local, state, federal) in elections ever since – is alive and strong. No matter what you want to call it, if the term “Tea Party” is out, the prime focus of the voter discontent is not. They want an end to big government, and now they have set their sights on the GOP establishment by rejecting all the establishment-preferred candidates for one Herman Cain.

I listened to Laura Ingraham yesterday – a clear Romneyite – attempt to convince her listeners that there is still a reason to consider Romney and look past his Romneycare. He speaks fluid policy wonk. And as another radio conservative voice tried to explain later in the day (Jeff Kunher) he has perfect hair, good looks and an air about him. The man was clearly smitten.

Yeah, Romeny has the air of a well rehearsed and bland talking politician. When his mouth moves all I hear now is the ‘wah, wah, wah, wah’ from Charlie Brown’s TV shows when adults speak. Even Bill O’Reilly got on the bandwagon last night and declared Romney the new GOP nominee. Both he and Ingraham tried to say there was no reason to even listen to more debates – the race is over.

I am an old DC hand from a political family (grandfather was in the US Cogress and then finished his career in the Department of Justice). I am not naive to the ways of DC and the federal beast. But even I am disturbed at the number of supposed independent voices who came out and shilled for Romney while trying to paint Cain as another short-lived fad. The GOP political industrial complex exposed itself yesterday by taking part in a concerted propaganda push to explain to those poor dumb voters out there Cain is not supposed to be the nominee.

This week’s talking points appear to be get used to the inevitable selection of Romney, he’s the only one who can beat Obama.

Which is pure BS. Obama is so wounded politically polls now show voters want anyone but Obama:

Election 2012: Generic Republican 47%, Obama 41%

In Virginia both Romney and Cain are in a tie with Obama for the 2012 presidential election:

The Quinnipiac University Poll of Virginia released Tuesday shows Romney and Cain at 21 percent apiece among Republican voters, while Perry sits at 11 percent–less than half the support he registered in the same poll a month ago.

In the general election contest, President Obama is within the margin of error in matchups with Romney and Cain

Worst of all, Obama is now polling in the death zone for incumbents – low 40’s. And many of these polls are simply adults. Which all adds up to one conclusion – Obama right now would lose an election and lose big. To just about anyone.

While the GOP establishment attempts to fire back at Cain with Romney’s inevitability, the voters have something else in mind. Romney is so similar to Obama I have come to calling him Robamaney, since they both prefer government solutions, especially to health care.

Two polls demonstrate that Cain has taken the Tea Party, Independents and GOP voters by storm. First is from PPP showing Cain blowing Romeny out:

Yesterday PPP released numbers showing Herman Cain leading Mitt Romney 30-22 in Iowa and our monthly look at the national picture finds the exact same numbers.  Cain is up 30-22 on Romney

Cain also vaulted into the lead in the latest NBC/WSJ poll:

Drawn by Mr. Cain’s blunt, folksy style in recent debates, 27% of Republican primary voters picked him as their first choice for the nomination, a jump of 22 percentage points from six weeks ago.

Mr. Romney held firm in second place at 23%, his same share as in a Journal poll in late August, …

Romney remains stuck with the same low 20% he always polls at – a hint to those not paying attention in DC and NYC. An observation Allahpundit also makes today. Neither of these polls were taken after the recent debate, so I guess it is possible Romney enchanted a few new folks. But I doubt it.

Cain is not a politician – as I noted yesterday with a similar thought from Rush Limbaugh:

Herman Cain doesn’t have a whole lot of baggage. Romney has Romneycare. Rick Perry has immigration as a problem. Herman Cain’s problem is, he’s not a politician. He’s not an establishment Republican.

Remember, this is a libertarian movement to dismantle government, not cycle through another stupid round of government-centric solutions. Romney’s 59 point policy plan is EXACTLY what is wrong with our nation’s political leaders. They won’t lead us away from incompetent big government. America does not want to go the way of Europe with the all intrusive nanny-state.

Cain has learned how America gets things done outside the government. All the rest of the GOP pack are members of the problem which ails us. And Romney is one of the worst of the bunch. RomneyCare was a horrible idea with horrible results:

The Massachusetts plan was supposed to accomplish two things-achieve universal health insurance coverage while controlling costs. … In reality, the plan has done neither.

Read the hole article because Romney still defends his version of Obamacare, ignoring the down side and stating he has more children insured than anyone else. Nice goal, but I ain’t paying for other people’s problems. Not while the government wastes money on scheming green companies and idiotic regulations. The libertarian Tea Party movement wants someone who uses government as a last resort, not the only option. And that kind of approach applies to Cain and is the antithesis of Romney.

America’s voters know this. So do the Democrats, and soon the GOP establishment will be rudely awakened to the fact as well. We don’t want to replace left wing busy bodies with right wing ones. Just dismantle the beast down to its the necessary core and let Main Street work its way out of this without bureaucrats telling us what, how and when to do it. This nation survived 200+ years that way, and it will survive the next 200 only if we do something about runaway big government.

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16 Responses to “Cain Surprises GOP Establishment, Which Lamely Fires Back With Robamany”

  1. WWS says:

    The biggest dealbreaker for me with regard to Romney isn’t that he enacted Romneycare; it’s that to THIS DAY he *Still* defends it and doesn’t think he did anything wrong!!!

    which guarantees that he’ll just continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

  2. dhunter says:

    Excellent post AJ! I couldn’t believe OReally spinnin like a top on the No Spin Zone! Confirmed to me why I rarely watch even Faux News and especially OReally and Whorealdo any more.
    The Bloviator actually said Herman was unelectable and had the SourKrauth on saying Christie and Daniels and Ryan were the Tea Party faves and they are out so it’s basically Romneys now.
    I don’t know one Tea Party Patriot who favored Daniels or Christie but at our meeting tonight I will garner a few laughs when I bring it up!

    These media political whores (Presstitutes) are all in alinement now with the Roves, Bushies and other establishment hacks to try to be sure the Tea Party does not gain control of their little slush fund called the DC bureaucracy.
    Hermans tax plan will be a tough sell when he requires everyone to pay 9% income and sales tax and 50% pay none now, but it is not nearly as corrupt as the wealth redistribution the current complex, un-understandable behemoth is. The current code allows Congress critters and Senate scum to buy off voters with perks they rarely see and are of little comparable benefit.

    Time to shutter the doors and windows on the Department of education, environment, and a multitude of others. fire the czars, 2/3 of the professional panders staffs including POTUS staff and balance the checkbook!
    Time to humiliate the Roves, OReallys and krauthammers as nothing but bottom feeders and carrion eaters preying off of the work of others.
    Send Herman money if you want some change, (in both meanings of the word), Support Romney if you don’t!

  3. dhunter says:


    From the mouth of someone who knows what he is talking about!
    Cains plan beats the current system. As a business administration and economics major I was taught this stuff in college, wonder what our current crop of misfits and thieves were taught?

    Send congress to the Occupy Wall Street convention for a month they fit right in and will do far less damage.

  4. Redteam says:

    dhunter, If you don’t watch Fox News, you must not be a conservative. That’s about the only network that even pretends to try to be neutral in their reporting. Whoraldo has never tried to be anything but a liberal.
    I tend to agree that Cain most likely won’t be the candidate. Gingrich is, and has been, the candidate that seems to have the best handle on the situation and if it had not been for some of his Marital problems, he would be the clear leader. He will most likely be the candidate. Romney has always been the darling of the Dems because he is the one Rino that they could most share feelings with. You can be sure that the polls do, and will, reflect the choice of the Dems for the opponent. While I could certainly vote for Cain, I just don’t think he will end up as the candidate.

  5. oneal lane says:

    Things seem to progress in cycles. Much can happen.

    The truth about Romney and healthcare is starting to come out in big ways. He is gonna take some hard hits over Romneycare. I can see Obama and Romney debating and Obama continually thanking him for his pioneering efforts to start universal coverage via government.

    Cain is having his moment in the sun. Yet someone else may emerge or Perry may find his stride and re-emerge.

    I sure do not like or trust Romney.

  6. dhunter says:

    I am tired of Fox as Steve Douchy and Brian Klimaede act like seventh graders on Fand F, Gretchen is the only adult and decent interviewer on that show. The rest of the drama queens and phonys like Shep, Oreally and Whorealdo have become unbearable. I do likeBret Baier and the roundtable with SourKraut though lately he is mostly wrong and totally establishment orientated. Morris gets nothing right but sells a lot of books I suppose.

    The real information is on Fox Business and is what I mostly turn to now.
    Newt is a smart guy and knows it, he mistakenly thinks he is smarter than the rest. He MIGHT be OK without his huge ego, but it I fear it will just allow him to be buddies with all his long lost friends inside the beltway and screw us all over as they have been doing for years.
    When he sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi and espoused Global Baloney he was Pandering, desperate to try to stay relevant and hop in front of the newest parade which is in fact a charade.
    I am short on trust for anyone who has been inside the beltway.
    I believe we need real people with real world and work experience to turn this country around, not a bunch of inside,r elite game players and thieves who think they are more enlightened that those of us who pay them. If you doubt what I say read the latest quotes from “Republicans” in the Sunday New York Times magazine pissing on the Tea party. They have no idea whats in store. If we cannot work with in the Republican party we will run third party candidates and burn it down. The Republican Party holds no moral high ground on the conidition of this country. It took Rove and Bush to usher in Obama and the far left loons. It took a perscription drug giveaway to open the door for all the out socialization of medicine. Bush was no conservative!

  7. WWS says:

    To anyone who thinks Newt could be the answer, just remember the clip of Newt sitting on a love seat with Nancy Pelosi talking about how we can all work together to solve Globull warming.

    yep, it was pathetic. Newt is smart, Newt is charming, I even met him once, he’s very likable – but I got no use for a Republican Bill Clinton.

    oh, and I rarely watch Fox now, either. I get most of my news either from the web or the business channel – most of the rest of teevee has just turned into blah blah blah that I can’t stand to listen to anymore.

  8. Redteam says:

    Actuallly, whilst I only watch news on Fox, I have never seen F and F. I don’t get up that early. I do watch O’Reilly, and Hannity. They have people representing both sides on both their shows. It is not their responsibility to side with either side. I agree with you on the ‘insiders’, as I said above, they are only in it for themselves and Newt is definitely an insider. But we have to go with someone and I’m afraid Cain will be eaten alive by the careerists politicians. He has no idea how savage they can be. I was in upper management with a large company and believe me, I don’t feel like anything there would have prepared me for the sharks in politics. To much outright criminal activity and people anxious to protect their ‘rights’ to those spoils.
    We all see and know that Obama is an absolute unqualified president, but he is experienced enough to make sure the correct people are getting the benefits of cronyism.
    Third party? The one thing certain about third party is 4 more years of Obama.

  9. dbostan says:

    The more the establishment tries to shove Romney, or somebody similar to him, down my throat, the more I hate it and makes me more convinced to vote for the Herminator.

    And there are many millions like me.

    If the establishment makes the same mistake in 2012 as in 2008, when they pushed their loser “chosen one” (McCain in 2008) over others, they absolutely guarantee a third party.

    I was so disgusted after the Bush years I was just about ready to re-register as an Independent.

    This is the last chance I am giving the repubic party.

  10. Wilbur Post says:

    I’m with you. If the GOP nomination is still up for grabs when the circus gets to NJ, I will register Rep again and vote for the non-Romney.

  11. Redteam says:

    dbostan, my sentiments exactly, except that Anyone would have been better than Obama. well, maybe not Ahmadinejad, but I’m not convinced of that.
    McCain was certainly a compromise and had very little to offer. I’m sure Romney would be worse than McCain, there is not a conservative bone in his body.
    But I can’t see wasting a vote by voting for a third party. However, if Romney is the candidate, I just won’t vote. (just an interesting point, Romney has one of the same problems Obama does, his father was not a US citizen. (Mexican)
    registering as an independent is a waste of time. You don’t get to participate in deciding who the candidates will be, just voting for one after everyone else has decided for you.
    Every time the Republicans have a chance to take it all, they can’t come up with a great candidate. Paul Ryan for example. He certainly has more experience than Obama did and he actually seems to have a brain in his head.

    On another subject, why doesn’t anyone go after all the crooks behind Solyndra and Sunpower? Do they just get away with all those taxpayers dollars that they defrauded the taxpayers out of? Does anyone care?

  12. dbostan says:

    Obama is bad, bad, bad for the country.
    But the only positive aspect (I see) is that he woke people up.
    Had McRINO won, we would not have the Tea party, a version of amnesty would have been passed and signed, a version of crap-and-tax also would have passed and signed.
    In short, the repubics would have gracefully capitulated, because they would not want to upset the cart, a repubic being in the WH.
    Much worse than the Bush years…
    So, let’s fight for principles and the most conservative contender we can see.

  13. Frogg1 says:

    Interesting article on the Daily Caller by Adam Brickley:

    Cain, not Romney, is now the favorite to win the GOP nomination

    He has studied elections all over the world. He explains the different types of surges, etc. He consideres Cain’s situation a ‘default surge’ and compares to similarities of Canada’s Jack Layton. Layton also had poor ground game established and didn’t even visit some of the areas he won in huge numbers. The people liked him though.

    I’m thinking he might be right because Cain is ahead in IA and second in NH and hasn’t even been back there since June 2011 which is unheard of in those early caucus states. He’s on his way there now though!!! Someone has evidentally given him some much needed advice.

  14. WWS says:

    everyone has got to check out Drudge tonight – his screenshot with the 3 raised fingers is one of the all time classics!! Oh, he has outdone himself this time!!!

  15. AJStrata says:

    DH – yeah, I am now watching Dobbs and Napalitano and turning of FoxNews except for Bret Bair’s show.

  16. Fai Mao says:

    I think the big thing with Hermann Cain is that it completely defuses the demonratic insult machine. “You don’t like him because he’s black! You racist you!”

    The demonrats can’t say he is unqualified, a racist, or stupid.

    Don’t discount this. It removes the demonrats biggest weapon, the charge of calling someone a racist. If Cain becomes president they can’t say that Obama lost reelection because voters wanted a white man or woman. This would be a huge problem for them

    Cain could very well get an Obama effect in that it become difficult to criticize him with having the slurs, lies and assorted types of vitriol demonrats have hurled at Republican’s for years thrown back in their face.

    I hope he is the nominee. I hope he takes some one like Rick Perry for the VP