Jun 20 2014

Green Obssession Is Killing People

Liberals and Green’s are obsessed with their fantasies concerning renewable energy, CO2, global warming, etc. It has become a religion so powerful that all evidence that these fantasies do not exist is duly ignored.

The act of obsessing  becomes critical when some fantasy gets in the way of responsible behavior. Even worse, when obsession blocks out so much else other people end up hurt. This happens because the obsession disables all other factors – such as compassion for others, concern for their well being, etc. Obsession can hit such intensities other people (and their needs) become inanimate barriers – things to be removed. Things that are no concern.

The obsession with green energy (and the commensurate need to be the hero who saves the planet) has blinded the left to not just the fact CO2 is not warming the Earth as they predicted (and in fact is lagging effect of warming, not a cause), but has also blinded them to the impacts on human beings caused by their obsession. It is not longer sufficient to ignore “The Pause” in temps as CO2 rises, to ignore the blatant statistical errors in the alarmists ‘science’ studies, to ignore the inability to support a modern society on unreliable renewable energy.

No, right now the left has kicked their “delusion mode” into high gear, where nothing on Earth is more important than they becoming heroes of the planet! Not even saving the life’s of sick US Veterans will get in their way:

The administrators at the Veterans Administration have apparently been busy while old soldiers waited to see a doctor, after all. Serving those who served is not necessarily a priority, but saving the planet is Job 1. Solar panels and windmills can be more important than the touch of a healing hand.

VA facilities have become littered with every scheme to banish carbon dioxide short of requiring visitors to hold their breath. Calverton National Cemetery spent $742,034 on solar panels. Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery spent $787,308. Not to be out-greened, the Riverside National Cemetery spent $1.3 million on its solar system.

At the Phoenix VA Health Care System, where 20 Americans died from incompetence and cover-up, the department spent $20 million putting solar panels on the hospital roofs. That would have been more than enough money to provide the veterans with the health

It is one thing to be a true believer for the cause. It is another to be so maniacal to commit criminal negligence to those you are responsible for. This is the Mission Statement for the VA:

To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans.

Obviously, those spending money on solar panels instead of seeing to our sick and dying veterans have failed in their duty. And they should be held accountable.

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