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Oct 04 2013

Cold Hearted Dems Relying On GOP Campassion For Americans To Win Shutdown

You have to wonder how cold the Democrats are when it comes to the “huddled masses”. Especially when you see crap like this: Senior admin official admits: We’re winning so it doesn’t matter to us when the shutdown ends The reality is clear to everyone, but no good can come from formal acknowledgment. Says Sam […]

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Oct 04 2013

Blame All Around For Shutdown Theater!

Well, looks like the Democrats are NOT escaping the wrath of the voters after all! Americans disapprove of how both sides are handling the budget negotiations, but more disapprove of congressional Republicans (72 percent) than President Obama and the Democrats in Congress (61 percent). Much of the GOP disapproval includes their own supporters – which […]

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Oct 04 2013

BarryCade Smoking Gun

As I suspected, the oppressive Barrycading of America by His Petulancy, Barry I has begun to unravel as those directed to carry out these unconstitutional orders start to expose the crimes being committed. Here is one example of the NPS shuttering private businesses AND forcing them to pay for the BarryCades! Mr. Meyer emails to […]

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Oct 04 2013

Time Someone Took Head of NPS To Court

I can see now the head of the National Park Service – John Jarvis – is more than happy to confiscate the public’s national treasures and honored dead for political purposes. His excuses fly in the face of common sense, common decency, public stewardship and fiscally responsible spending. And if this arrogant prince in Barry’s […]

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