Jul 07 2013

Prosecution’s Case Against Zimmerman

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OK, there is too much testimony for me to go through it all completely, so here is what I see so far (have not looked at the defense case at all yet).

Both sides are clearly giving it their all. There will not be an argument justice was not served here.

I am somewhat surprised by the prosecution’s case so far not being openly stronger. But I am thinking that this case will boil down to final arguments and I think they are leaving bread crumbs at each point to connect at the end.  They are not actually trying to win yet, just laying the foundation. Closing arguments are where I expect the prosecution to highlight all the issues with Zimmerman’s account and those of witnesses. And if the defense does not have a  counter argument presented, it could be big trouble for Zimmerman because at that point it is too late.

Interestingly, most witnesses are not eyewitnesses be aural (ear) witnesses. And this of course includes the key witness for the prosecution: Rachel Jeantell. I guess I am too accustomed to dealing with people with thick accents and broken English,  because I did not find her as much dumb as shy. People attacking her for her speech are grasping, and I am not sure an all woman jury is going to be hardened to her.

A lot of the key testimony came from witnesses who are not very good at speaking English. From the one neighbor who compared shadow sizes (e.g., silhouettes) and said Zimmerman was on top when the shot was fired, to the Chinese Medical Examiner to Ms. Jeantell and her Haitian Creole, the English language barrier could cause a problem for the prosecution. I am so used to foreign accents I really have no issues parsing and filling in where words fail people.  But I am not on the jury so who knows how that is playing out.

The prosecution has paced their case well. First were some ho-hum witnesses, then the officer who tried CPR on Trayvon. This was to establish the fact the police and state took this incident seriously and professionally.

This led into what I felt was the big wake up testimony. It involved the neighbor who lived across the top of the “T” and who literally broke down during her 9-11 call.  The horror in her voice really changed the matter at hand from the abstract to the tragic. It was pretty powerful.

The next big testimony was Ms. Jeantell’s, and while not good speaker, she was all 19 year old. And she never wavered. Her testimony is as valid as any of the others who heard the scuffle from their living rooms. Trayvon ran away from Zimmerman.  And she heard Zimmerman approach Trayvon. That is just not good for Zimmerman’s alibi which is not even close to that. Her testimony is as valid as hearing the screams and shot on the 9-11 call. The defense’s efforts were pretty lame in this part.  And if you watch the prosecution add stickers to their layout of the area, you can envision how this will play a big part in closing arguments. They will try and use other ear witnesses and not her, and that will just not work.

One of the big problems Zimmerman has are his various excuses for getting out of his car.  In the statement that night to Officer Singleton, Zimmerman says he went through to the other street to find a street sign.  As Zimmerman’s own lawyers pointed out in questioning Mrs. Lauer (who lives on the corner where Trayvon and Zimmerman gain entry to the dog walk area), there are no street signs nearby the cut-through they used to get behind the buildings.

Zimmerman’s problem came out during Officer Chris Serinos’ testimony when they played the reenactment video. It is just prior to time stamp 1:21:50 in this court video. At this point Zimmerman is in a police car talking through the incident. He and a policeman are parked in front of the club house and Zimmerman is explaining how Trayvon Martin – who he had seen back down the street a bit – had walked past his parked car and then down towards where he was staying.

The subconscious mistake Zimmerman makes is he automatically recalls the name of the street (Twin Trees Lane). I mean it just comes right out of his mouth. The same street he could not recall the night before! His claim he does not know the street name was the reason he gave for get out of his car (with a loaded gun with one round in the chamber). It was his following Trayvon taht of course led to the confrontation and Trayvon’s unnecessary death. But here, in this video, he recalls the street name instantly and easily. When the prosecution plays that, it will lay bare how much Zimmerman gilded his testimony.

What did catch me off guard was how little Officers Serino and Singleton cared about the obvious hate, spite and inconsistencies from Zimmerman. They really did not seem interested, or changed their view at some time. They definitely appeared better for Zimmerman, except they also gave prosecution a reason to play Zimmerman’s words back at him, I know understand why the case was taken over by the state. “F***ing Punks” and “A****Holes” are not indications of respect and should not have been casually dismissed. They were the result of Zimmerman profiling and confusing the guy arrested a few weeks earlier with this kid walking home. If that does come up, it will cause serious doubt in Zimmerman’s claims.

The testimony of neighbors had each one gaining an advantage in the fight.  I think both took turns on top.  One even seemed to indicate Trayvon was on the bottom and more on his side than back when shot.

Zimmerman was not near death, his injuries are minor. I have been hurt worse falling of my bicycle.

It is clear in the record Trayvon retreated many times. And under the law that means he trying to avoid a confrontation and therefore is not the aggressor. Zimmerman continues to push forward, and the LAST directive from non-emergency was to back off and wait.  All prior questions regarding what he was reporting become moot. This is really bad for Zimmerman.

I think the Medical Examiner was great. He was quite good at reminding everyone what he could and could not determine.  My guess is defense is going to keep poking at the chain of evidence, but that looks to be an act of desperation. I will know how desperate when I get to watching the defenses case play out.

But if Zimmerman was in such great shape, they would rest and not risk opening up any cans of worms. Which his lawyers did a couple of times.

So far I see a draw. No side has an edge.

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  1. patrioticduo says:

    Yeah, does AJ not know that use of deadly force in self defense requires NO injury whatsoever? You just need to perceive that a threat is about to harm you grievously or fatally. Like someone pointing a gun at you or someone pounding your head against the pavement. There’s no difference in the two situations because it is the perceived threat to your life and limb that matters. And Mr Strata-Sphere knows that.

  2. OFFERMOM says:

    So many people missed this but Rachel said that Trayvon told her at one point before the fight that Trayvon specifically said he was in his own back yard. The townhouse that belonged to his father’s girlfriend was about 100 yards away from the area where the fight took place. Zimmerman lost sight of him in the dark behind the buildings. Early on the father’s girlfriend mentioned that she thought Trayvon had been in the back porch. Trayvon made a choice. He went back toward the sidewalk where Zimmerman said he was walking toward his car. It’s too bad the prosecution wouldn’t allow the defense to include Trayvon’s criminal history or the contents of his social media. He was no angel. They also edited the 711 tape so that the jury wouldn’t see him stumble into the store or have his friend he met outside buy him the blunt. A slim jim was found near where Zimmerman had first saw him.
    It’s just as plausible that Trayvon didn’t want anyone to connect him with it…

  3. OFFERMOM says:

    The expert the defense brought in was excellent. The one that was witness for the prosecution was a trainwreck. The hands weren’t bagged, Zimmerman was encourage to wash up at the police station BEFORE any samples taken, Zimmerman should have been taken to the hospital for CT scan or MRI–traumatic brain injuries don’t always show up right away. They are lucky that Zimmerman didn’t literally drop dead from multiple concussions or a subdural hematoma. There is reason to believe that the ME office washed the body and hands before the autopsy and then they wonder why there’s no DNA on the hands. There was blood around the wound in one picture and then an autopsy
    photo has NO blood. The pictures of the 9 year old Trayvon being used by the family and prosecution when they have picture of him older but most of them have him MMA fighting or holding joints, etc. The phone had text messages from someone that goes by the nickneme “Juice” TRayvon’s father’s nickname is Juice–the texts were discussing the blackmarket sales of guns! Trayvon in the 711 tape towers over the store employee and the employee is 5’10”. The ME records state that Trayvon was 5’11” and around 169 lbs? Implausible. Don’t be surprise if this ends with the Martin family on trial for fraud in the future. Remember Al Sharpton and the Duke Lacroose case or the girl Tawana? The New Black Panthers are involved. The DOJ sends CRS to help with protests. This actually sounds like a case in 2006 that Senator Obama was involved in–was the the Anderson case:




  4. OFFERMOM says:

    Are you aware the Martin attorney coached Rachel? I think that’s why he was hiding–he was trying not to be deposed. ABC has a tape of it on youtube. She is on tape going through details. He names off some things and she responds–“oh, you need that, too”.

    Are you aware Watermelon juice (it was never tea in that can) and Skittles are the ingredients of a hip hop drug Trayvon was fond of on his social media posts.

    This also puts me in mind of the abortion protests in Texas. The PRO- ABORTION Protestors were astroturf. They had responded to an Austin based Craig’s list posting where they would be PAID $1300-$200 per month…I am very disappointed in you. You obviously haven’t been really looking for the facts.

  5. Dc says:

    Someone pointing a gun or knife at you with intent to stab you is pretty clear. But, someone with a bag of skittles…confronting you about being followed would not. It was the fight, therefore..that was important here.

    Being in a fight..or threatened with one, in and of itself, is not justification for use of deadly force. So, injuries sustained in the course of a fight/altercation using bare fists…would be open to interpretation as to whether or not it might be justified. YOu’d have to show potential for severe bodily injury and that your reaction could “reasonably” be construed to have been to save your life and or self from “severe harm” or injury. . That kind of thing is pretty clear when an 80 year old woman gets cold-cocked by a young thug. It’s less clear in this case.

  6. Dc says:

    Verdict is in……Not Guilty.

  7. […] lied about Martin circling his truck. He lied about not knowing the name of the street he was on . The prosecution had Zimmerman on tape with that lie: Zimmerman’s problem came out during Officer Chris Serinos’ testimony when they played the […]

  8. OFFERMOM says:

    That;s it. You are not interested in the truth. I’m so disappointed in you, Strata. I am not coming back here any more.

  9. WWS says:

    Just looking back at some of these older posts, and they boggle the mind. The fact that AJ disregarded the testimony of the lead detective in the case while taking as gospel truth the ramblings of an obese crack ho with an attitude tells you everything you would ever want to know about his decision making abilities.

    Jeantel was the lead witness? Remember how she said that she had written that letter? When Defense proved that she didn’t even know how to read the letter she supposedly wrote, all of her testimony went into the crapper, right there. Prosecutions case was lost right there.