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Dec 29 2011

Who Is Climategate’s

Major Update At End! I have struggled with whether to post this or not, but as I contemplated my assessment of who the is (the person or persons behind the release of CRU emails and documents in 2009 and 2011) I decided the person(s) behind Climategate is/are probably known to authorities and protected. In […]

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Dec 29 2011

Cranky Quilter

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Added a new site to the blog roll. For those skeptical of the AGW industrial complex and its media spin machine check out the Cranky Old Crow and their list of pertinent articles.

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Dec 29 2011

More CRU “Fun With Numbers

I have been inspired by my reading of The Hockey Stick Illusion by A.W. Montford. It has caused me to revisit the Climategate 1 data files as well as the thousands of emails now made public. In doing word searches on files and emails, I sometimes just stumble over stuff that catches my eye and […]

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