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Jul 23 2010

75% Of Americans Reject Liberal/Progressive Economic Policies

Can government save or fix the economy? Or do the busy-bodies in DC do more harm than good? Folks, that is the primary question for this year’s election, and of the decade to come. Democrats have been on a mad, far-left spending spree for two years now, one which is threatening to bankrupt generations to […]

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Jul 23 2010

Alarm Bells Ring In 40 Democrat House Seats, Veil Of Denial Ripped Away

(Select the image to review some of Baghdad Bob’s classic claims) Despite all the delusional and misleading denials by DC Democrats regarding their chances this coming election (especially that schtick by “Beltway Biden” this last week on ABC News), the reality of the Democrats’ situations is clear when you focus on where they are spending […]

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