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Dec 03 2009

Keith Briffa & Ed Cook Battled Mann On MWP

OK this is a fascinating email showing dissension among the ranks of the CRU-IPCC club. Apparently a tree-ring study was produced in 2001 (Esper, et al – sometimes referred to as “ECS”) which challenged Mann’s Hockey stick. This study showed a much higher MWP, which sent Dr Mann and his touchy ego into full meltdown. […]

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Dec 03 2009

Job Summit Will Not Address Fictional Jobs “Created or Saved”

As a corollary to my previous post I must note what will also not be addressed at the WH jobs summit today – all those fictional jobs ‘created or saved’: The Obama administration claims that its $787 billion economic stimulus program has “created or saved” 640,329 jobs across the country, with more to come. That breathtaking […]

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Dec 03 2009

Jobs Summit Day: 2.4 Million New People On Emergency Unemployment Compensation

The Obama administration is going to put on a show today for America. It is going to attempt to convince us that they are doing something about the abysmal jobs situation. It will be nothing but theatre and stage craft. Since the liberal stimulus bill was passed in February 2009, the Unemployment and Underemployment situation […]

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Dec 03 2009

NASA GISS Did Hide 1940’s Blip

In a follow up to my previous post regarding how the cover up of the warm period seen globally in the 1930’s -1940’s is probably the best documented, easiest to grasp case of falsifying raw data to create the myth of runaway global warming (and thus man-made  global warming) we have some news with a […]

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Dec 03 2009

Climategate Escalating, Smoking Gun Could Be 1940’s ‘Blip’

A blog at CBS News, a news organization hardly unfriendly to liberal causes and climate alarmists, produced a very harsh report on climategate today: Ripples created by the disclosure of global warming files now being called “ClimateGate” continue to spread, with congressional attention growing and the head of a prominent climate change group stepping aside. […]

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