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Jun 23 2009

US Attacks Taliban Stronghold In Waziristan

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Update: We apparently nailed three top Taliban commanders: Two suspected U.S. drone attacks against militants in northern Pakistan over the last day have killed at least 55 people, including three top Taliban commanders, and wounded 50 others, Pakistani intelligence sources said Wednesday. Rumors have it Baitullah Mehsud himself was nearby during the second attack, no […]

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Jun 23 2009

Partying With Cold Blooded Killers On The 4th Of July

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How will the United States of America react to the horrible tragedies playing out on the streets of Iran? How will this great country address the cold blooded killing of beautiful young people like Neda Soltan (see read here and here)? Her friends say Panahi, Neda and two others were stuck in traffic on Karegar […]

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