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Apr 06 2006

Everything In Life Is Perspective

The Iraq war deaths to date (UK plus US) are 2553, with 1991 of those actually combat casualties (complete stats here). How does this compare to history? Well, first we should look at ‘civil wars’ since so many on the left want to believe this is a civil war (though the opposition manages no territory, […]

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Apr 06 2006

Waziristan Battles Heat Up

The Taliban located and regrouping in Pakistan’s northern Waziristan Province and the Tribal Regions are waged in a losing battle with Pakistan forces.  The spring offensives have begun as another 40 Taliban are killed, adding to the 16 killed and 19 captured yesterday and the 200 last month: Security forces have killed at least 40 […]

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Apr 06 2006

Fly By 04/06/06

As folks who visit this blog can guess I have been swamped as of late in all day meetings and trying to catch up on company stuff in the evenings, leaving little time to blog. I do have some time off the next few days but I doubt blogging will get more attention. Be prepared […]

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