Oct 14 2005

Redstate Is Back!

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I am not gloating, but it is good to see the good folks at Redstate are calling off the war against Bush and the other conservatives. Someone I banged on hardest, Leon H, has this incredibly good post on why he is shifting his strategy to ‘wait and see’.

I won’t attmept to translate or synthesize it for you, I suggest you read it yourself. I did send Leon an email on how this must have been a tough adjustment to make after all the days of emotion.

I also want to point out one thing regarding his post

For now, I’m done taking up my sword against my fellow Republicans and against the President. However, if she turns out to be the kind of justice that I very much fear she will, I am prepared to walk away for good.

If she turns out to be what you fear, you will not have to leave anything Leon. Becuase a lot of us will then be at your side.

Here is another post by Erik along the same lines.

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2 Responses to “Redstate Is Back!”

  1. edharris says:

    I was a bystander as the exchange between you and Leon was occuring. Leon had always been one of my favorites at Redstate but I came down on your side in that debate.

    I’m glad to have discovered your blog and have bookmarked in my favorites. I’m also glad things have cooled down over there because I was very close to pulling my financial support, such as it was, and finding a new source for my daily fix of conservative news. Having said that, I’ll be back here often….

  2. AJStrata says:


    Thanks for the kind comments. I too was struck by their turn in the early days and I am glad to see them righting themselves. Leon was nothing compared to Thomas – who still has me banned for all I know.

    I would prefer to bury the hatchett, except there are still too many long knives out on the right.

    Hey, at least this site is free!