Jun 05 2005

Euro Lunacy

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The EU constitution should have been abolished since it was not truly a constitution . [hat tip: polipundit]

1. A constitution has to be readable to permit a popular vote; this text is unreadable.
2. A constitution doesn’t impose a political ideology; this text is partisan.
3. A constitution is revisable; this text is locked in . . .
4. A constitution protects people from tyranny through separation of powers; this one doesn’t have real checks and balances and separation of powers.
5. A constitution is not handed down by the powerful; it is established by the people themselves, to protect them from arbitrary power, through an independent constitutional assembly elected for the purpose and disbanded afterwards; this text entrenches European institutions designed 50 years ago by the men in power.

The European leaders tried to take the people somewhere they had no interest in going because the people understood the problems with the ‘constitution’ and the economic changes that were needed. But the leadership treated the people like idiots. Well now the leadership is acting like idiots:

Yet the crisis widened beyond the document alone, with a media offensive being mounted to bolster the euro after German officials and an Italian minister openly discussed its possible demise. In the first rumblings of a call for the franc to be reinstated, Nicolas Dupont-Aignant, a member of Mr Chirac’s ruling UMP party, said: “France, Italy and Germany would be in a better state without the euro. However, I don’t believe we should ditch it now.

Shear lunacy. It took a lot of effort and money to switch to the Euro in the first place. I remember being stunned at how well it went when you have to consider all the money handling machines that had to converted IN ONE NIGHT. Cash machines, parking meters, transport kiosks…

And now, for no real reason except to show how truly crazy Europeans bred-for-the-job leaders are, the leaders want to go back. One thing everyone outside Europe DID favor was the one currency and exchange rate to deal with (minus the British Pound of course). It helped ease the risk in investment. Now European leaders want to add more instability to an already unstable situation.

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