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Jul 15 2005

Ties Between London and Bin Laden

This is troubling news, but at least we are able to rapidly find the connections. It appears one of the bombers (links to 3 of the bios here) has some connection to Bin Laden: The latest report links Shehzad Tanweer, one of the three Leeds-based bombers who struck terror in London on July 7, with […]

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Jul 14 2005

Bomb Maker May Have Studied in US

If this report is true the bombmaker, or someone linked to him, may have studied in the US. An Egyptian wanted in connection with the London terrorist bombings studied chemical engineering at North Carolina State University in the United States, the institution said on Thursday. Magdy El-Nashar, who has links to the house in the […]

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Jul 14 2005

Taxed To Death, Literally

This story Michelle Malkin linked to via Jihad Watch is going to have some serious repercussions. It is bad enough the terrorist bombers in London were British, but to think the people who died may have paid for the indoctrination and training of their killers with their own hard earned money (taxes) is just too […]

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Jul 14 2005

Find The Masterminds, Mobilize The Muslims

In post earlier today we linked to stories about 3 of the 4 bombers, who they were and where they came from. And in that post we pondered how could at least two of these young people give up all they had in a desparation move to kill themselves? The British, and most likely world’s, […]

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Jul 14 2005

Three People’s Path to Destruction

Here are stories about three of the bombers. What is striking is these people had so much to live for – and yet they were convinced they had to die and kill many others. I have to say that the time of overheated rhetoric must come to an end. It is emotionalized exaggeration which drives […]

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Jul 12 2005

UK Stands Proud Against Terrorists

This UK site has pictures sent in by people from all over the world who want the terrorists to know they will not bow down or cower. One example: “I was on the tube on the first carriage at Russel Square. I am not afraid. Mark M. – Finbsury Park, London.” We stand with you […]

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Jul 12 2005

Brits Chase Terrorists

UPDATE II: I’ll keep adding to this post from the top today as things come in. Latest news is that 3 of the 4 terrorists came from the West Yorkshire area and were among those reported missing by relatives (last bit from FOX News TV) A day of dramatic developments saw the investigation making rapid […]

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Jul 12 2005

Terrorism Did Not Start With Iraq

As the British come to grips with the tragedy of last week, the voices of reason have become stronger in reminding everyone that silamo fascist terrorism goes back for decades. [hat tip RealClearPolitics] Someone would have been bombed. The jihadist campaign outside the Middle East first started when the omens for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement looked […]

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Jul 12 2005

Military Explosives Suspected in London Blasts

The sophistication of the bombs used in London appears to be fairly high and the work of one man, according to reports in The Times UK: Similar components from the explosive devices have been found at all four murder sites, leading detectives to believe that each of the 10lb rucksack bombs was the work of […]

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Jul 11 2005

Palestinians Cheer London Carnage

Just like after 9-11, some Palestinians are taking the side of murderous terrorism over peaceful existence as a nation. A Muslim preacher broadcasting on Saturday from Gaza on the Palestinian Authority-based Sawt Al-Quds radio station praised Osama Bin-Laden, as well as last week’s terrorist attacks in London. Sawt Al-Quds is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad […]

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