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Dec 08 2007

Iraq Update 12/08/07

The last pocket of al-Qaeda fighters is being pressured in areas of the Northern Province of Diyala. Iraqi and Coalition forces have purged al-Qaeda from around Baghdad, from Anbar Province, from the capital city of Diyala (Baquba), herding them towards the Northern Iraqi border with Iran. As we herd them we decimate their forces. Recent […]

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Dec 07 2007

Everywhere al-Qaeda Goes Death And Destruction Follows

The the term “scourge of humanity” is becoming highly applicable to al-Qaeda. They have been pushed on their way out of Iraq for months now and their last remnants are in now grasping to hang on in Northern Iraq. They are doing their usual bloodthirsty thing and making it easier and easier for the US […]

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Dec 05 2007

Iraq Update 12/06/07

Lots and lots of progress still pouring out of Iraq. First up is news of a Sunni-Kurd power sharing deal in the North of Iraq – ironically the last bastion of major al-Qaeda activity: Sunni Arabs ended a yearlong political boycott Tuesday in Kirkuk — the hub of Iraq’s northern oil fields — under a […]

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Nov 21 2007

How Iraq Was Turned To Success

I have to admit, even I hesitate at times to say Iraq is a victory – but it is. Yes, there is an ever dwindling chance al-Qaeda will attack their fellow Muslims in Iraq and inflict more atrocities on them. But it would be their last act as part of Islam, because they would then […]

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Nov 18 2007

al-Qaeda’s Atrocities Exposed

As I said earlier today, the news from Iraq for the next few months will follow two basic themes. One will be those of continued signs of success and victory for our side. And the other will be the exposure of the atrocities the al-Qaeda Islamo Fascists inflicted on their fellow Muslims: Remains of possibly […]

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Nov 15 2007

Dems Try To Surrender Iraq To al-Qaeda – Again

Nancy Pelosi came one step closer to her nightmare fantasy of ‘reversing’ what has happened in Iraq last night with a wimpy vote on a bill with only sufficient funds for an immediate retreat: The House tonight passed a $50 billion Iraq funding bill that sets a “goal” of having all U.S. forces out of […]

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Nov 12 2007

Liberals Now Claim Success In Iraq Is Too Late To Report

In the continuing joke of denial by the liberal left that things are turning around in Iraq we now have a new spin: it is too late for success to be recognized, even if it is happening. This comes from one of those liberals who cannot emotionally face the fact that (a) Iraq was tough […]

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Nov 11 2007

More Progress In Iraq, al-Qaeda’s Last Gasps & Pelosi Wants To Reverse It All

Updates at End The fighting in Iraq is definitely entering a much different phase than the one Iraq and America faced around this same time last year. Last year al-Qaeda was on the rise and ramping up a month’s long period of atrocities, carnage and massacres against Iraqi Muslims. It was a deliberate PR effort […]

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Nov 03 2007

How Many Success Stories In Iraq Will It Take For The Left To Succumb?

As I predicted, the stories of success in Iraq cannot be ignored or dismissed. As the progress on the ground mounts, so do the stories of success mount. And so we find more and more examples that Bush was right and the liberals were terribly, horribly wrong. From The Guardian in the UK: Central to […]

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Oct 31 2007

Diyala As A Microcosm Of Iraq

Been saying it almost all year: as goes Diyala so goes Iraq. The reason being Diyala is a melting pot of the major Iraqi religous sects. It was one of the last areas to feel the effects of The Surge, so it will trail by months the progress seen in Anbar Province, and it may […]

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