Nov 12 2007

Liberals Now Claim Success In Iraq Is Too Late To Report

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In the continuing joke of denial by the liberal left that things are turning around in Iraq we now have a new spin: it is too late for success to be recognized, even if it is happening. This comes from one of those liberals who cannot emotionally face the fact that (a) Iraq was tough fight (like Bush and others said it would be) and (2) we are succeeding. Take a look at Here is one more clear assessment of what happened when al-Qaeda counter-attacked in Iraq in their attempt free it from the US:

Despite the insurgency’s influence, Ghazaliya remained, at first, what it had been for decades—a middle-class Baghdad neighborhood in which sectarian tensions were more or less held in check. The vast majority of the estimated hundred thousand residents were Sunni, but, Brooks said, “there were a lot of professionals, college-educated Sunnis, and Shias, too, and mosques for both.” The neighborhood changed after February, 2006, when Sunni militants bombed the ninth-century Askariya shrine, in Samarra, one of the Shiites’ holiest sites, and sectarian violence flared up across Iraq. Shiite militias, foremost among them the Mahdi Army, pushed deeper into Ghazaliya from Shulla, a poor, sprawling Shiite neighborhood just to the north. The Sunnis responded by turning to hard-line insurgents and to the foreign jihadis of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, whom the U.S. Army called Al Qaeda in Iraq.

“You had Sunni extremists in the area before Samarra. After Samarra, though, Al Qaeda in Iraq came on strong,” Captain Brooks said. “They had death squads. They systematically selected people because of the locations of their houses, or their relationships. They brutally tortured them, killed them, and dumped their bodies.” Shia families, and many Sunnis—those who had the financial means—fled the neighborhood. By the beginning of this year, southern Ghazaliya was under the de-facto control of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, while the northern part of the neighborhood was besieged by Shiite militiamen. “Twenty dollars and a phone card could get you an I.E.D. placed,” Captain Brooks said, referring to the improvised explosive devices that have caused the majority of American military deaths in Iraq. “The people realized they had let something in that they couldn’t control.”

Islamo extremism was thought to be the path for modern Islam, until their fascists methods of brutal oppression came to the forefront. Iraq’s Muslims were going to test the waters with al-Qaeda. Too many decades of brain washing by their media and America bashing by the liberal media in the West pretty much made that a requirement before they understood the true stakes. We invaded Iraq and took out Saddam. al-Qaeda counter attacked in 2006 and 2007, trying to ignite a bloody civil war so they could chase the West out of the ‘quagmire’ and take control.

They failed. So did the Mahdi Militia, their ideological counterparts. Now Iraqis see Muslim extremists for the soulless butchers they are. Now Iraqis are purging their communities of al-Qaeda and its various sister movements. And now we see more and more successes. Baquba, the second Iraqi city declared al-Qaeda’s new capitol city for its modern caliphate, is now free of al-Qaeda. How can any enemy lose to capitol cities in one year and the media dare to claim it is too late to report success anymore? When will the terminally mistaken liberals face up to reality and stop with their third grade level claims all the world’s problems are due to Bush! Some people forget the Islamo Fascist wave has been building for decades – with some of the most abhorent acts actually committed under President Clinton’s watch. We know about WTC I, the African Embassy bombings and the USS Cole. But there were many more signs (clear as a bell if someone only opened their eyes) that Islamo Fascism was on the rise:

Ten years ago, in November 1997, 50 Swiss tourists rose early to visit the Valley of the Kings across the Nile from Luxor in Egypt. Suddenly from the hills came a group of Islamists. They shot, disembowelled and decapitated the tourists.

One of the constant lies of the current debate over terrorism is that it is all the fault of George Bush and Tony Blair. The best-known Swiss in Britain today is Tariq Ramadan, the most interesting of Europe’s political Islamists. He wrote recently that the ‘invasion of Iraq, blind support for the insane policies of George Bush, British silence on the oppression of the Palestinians have a direct bearing on the deep discontent shared by many Muslims towards the West in general, and towards Britain in particular’.

Only liberals and Jihadis seem to buy into this crap. The fact is the war with Islamo Fascism raged for years, we just never noticed or recognized it. And when the enemy finally got through a big punch on 9-11 we were supposedly, finally awakened to the threat these suicidal maniacs represent. But the far left’s jealousy over being out of power supersceded any rational thought about the threat. That is why some idiot in Palm Beach can opine it is too late to report victory in Iraq, like there was some time limit under which we had to beat back al-Qaeda and win over the Iraqis. All it shows is a TV mentality were time limits are primary instead of goals to achieve.

Nancy Pelosi now wants to reverse what is happening in Iraq. This fool wants us to ignore it and only focus on the mistakes (or struggles) of the past. One common theme is they want to wallow in the dark days of the Iraq war. All liberals want to wallow in the dark days and the occassional set back. They are beyond defeatists, they are something much uglier.

The tragic deaths in this war can only be honored by making sure something positive comes from all of it. Just like those who die of cance,r or some other tragedy like drunk driving, want their death to stand for progress those who fought and died in Iraq want the same thing. The discomfort the far left must endure to admit they were wrong is a small price to pay in order to bring something good out of all of this. I doubt they will ever understand it. They are wallowing in the negative and gleefull at each set back. They dance on the graves of those who sacrificed for this country and offer up fictional lies about the behavior of those brave people on the front lines of this war. The far left is un-American.

They don’t believe in freedom. They don’t believe in protecting Americans. They refuse to see the difference between al-Qaeda butchering Iraqis and Americans trying to protect those same Iraqis. They refuse to admit success. They refuse to believe soldiers are basically good people doing a horrible job the best they can do it. They refuse to believe in America and its people. They are un-American. They do not represent anything positive about this country, especially since they wallow in the negative and turn a blind eye to the positive.

What is too late is worrying about liberals and their sick views. What is too late is any hope they could rehabilitate themselves. Iraq is heading to success and liberalism is dying ugly. And I don’t think anything can really change those two dynamics.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    If you listen to a lot of the press and the dem overloaded polls you still see that the Dems will have a tidal wave in the upcoming election. It’s a funny way they rationalize how they support getting there.

    It’s not that they think the Dems are getting their agenda across, in fact it’s that they are losing on every front , including the law making efforts that mean nothing except trying to build political leverage.

    So the logic goes is that they will sweep the elections to do their own political surge to ride their hero’s to the front to control the agenda with veto proof majorities etc etc etc.

    What is even worse is they don’t want to go back to their failed policies they want to leapfrog that to even more radical agendas.

  2. Boghie says:

    The Hard Left has been smoking cancer sticks for so long I can’t remember a moment when one wasn’t poking from their scouring grill.

    The Center Left moved away from them.

    Now, however, the media provided the means for the Hard Left contagion to stream into the center.

    If we have the anti-bodies remaining to fight this internal struggle than the Left in America will be destroyed.

    Is this a good thing?

    Not always…

    And, that comes from a conservative neocon.

    But, it is a thing. It is a fact. Both Parties will have to rebuild. One from the ground up – cursing the idealists and power brokers who cannot see the good in our society, who cannot see the good in our efforts, who run the show completely and without remorse, The other from the center out – picking off those who have no backbone, no morals, no guiding stricture.

    Back to the culture wars, eh…

  3. Dc says:

    The link seems to not be working (either that, or they took the article down). Anyway…I watched a vets day special on Iwo Jima about one company of Marines and their experience, told through survivors. There were only 3 out of 45 who made it through without becoming a casulty (dead or wounded). Out of the wounded, many of them were patched up and put back in only to be wounded again.

    The entire island offered little cover. Mostly the Marines had to cross open ground for days with the Japanese honed in on their positions. There were “many” amputees from that action. 2 of the survivors of H company who had lost limbs, were on a US train that carried amputees from Iwo hospital ships, to a special center for their rehab, etc. in the states. Some patriotic folks of some small town where the train was scheduled to stop in teh middle of the night, wanted to greet the returning heros, wounded vets. The public still had no idea just how bad it was.

    As the amputees came off the train, lights went on in the train, and you see one bunk after another with severely wounded marines, missing arms, legs, etc., the people there to greet them, became so overwhelmed with emotion and shock…they had to turn away. The band stopped. The kids cried. People were stunned…they just walked way. The Marine they were interviewing..said…I dont’ blame them. I think I would too. Because that’s how they felt about it too. There were so many wounded killed..”waiting” on the beach to be carried to the hospital ship. It was almost more than your mind could comprehend

    It was barbaric fighting. Is there any other kind?? Anyway, the point is…it was one battle, in a larger war. One would have to wonder what was the significance of this volcanic island with nothing on it that woudl warrant such a sacrifice? I think it’s very true…that if todays media covered the action at would have been a resounding defeat for the US ..despite having won it in the end. And their tagline would have been….all for this….holding up volcanic sand…letting it run through their fingers. (as US bombers were landing behind them on the new airstrip). It just, literally, goes right over their head. Jimmy Carter would have been visiting the Japanese homeland to see Tojo..declaring the US aggressors etc., etc.,

    And Okinawa was even worse!! in regards to scale and barbarity that included civillians. There were many places/wars along the way…names that have now become famous…for the struggle that went on, it’s barbarity, etc., but are all remembered as part of the larger “war”. I guess we could have just stopped in Euope and said..we won and went home??? Of course that would have left Hitler to rebuild, and still would have done nothing about the Pacific issues (which were even closer to home).

    Afghanistan, Iraq, are two main fronts in a much larger war for which their judgement in history will be put into the context of how this war turns out, and what strategic role each battle may have played in it. In that regard, I think strategically, Iraq will be considered of “more” importance in that war..looking back, than even afghanistan will be. I truly feel, that one day…looking back at this…when your grandkids or great grandkids say to you…..what did you do in the great war? Some people in this country are going to be ashamed…ASHAMED to answer that. They have no escape…because of the same reasons….media coverage…the internet, and a LONG memory with images and video clips.

  4. Terrye says:

    I don’t know if they are unAmerican or just stupid. Who was it who said you can’t fix stupid?

  5. atomita says:

    Old Vinegar, New Bottles

    Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.
    — George Orwell, 1984

    Even as the facts became clearer, the press did not correct its false report that the North Vietnamese had won. When NBC News producer Robert Northshield was asked at the end of 1968 whether the network should put on a news show indicating that American and South Vietnamese troops had won, he rejected the idea, because Tet was already “established in the public’s mind as a defeat, and therefore it was an American defeat.”

    — John Q. Wilson, “The Press at War” City Journal, Autumn 2006.

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
    — George Santayana

  6. MarkN says:

    Politics is about emotion and simplicity. Which is why Reagan was so popular. The current crop of conservative pundits are horrible at the emotional side of politics. Rudy and Mike H. are pretty good on this regard which is why Mike H. is making a run. He generates good feelings in people. On this Iraq topic, the MSM and the far left is still trying to frame the issue as defeat versus stalemate. Emotionally given the choice most independent voters would choose defeat over stalemate.

    However, by the time next November rolls around the choice will be between victory and stalemate. Anyone advocating defeat at that time will be viewed as out of touch. Just as anyone advocating victory in 2006 was viewed as out of touched. Emotionally speaking, if one is in the booth one will not pull the lever for someone or some party one views as out of touch.

    The only hope (and I mean only) is to appeal to the wisdom of the fight which raged for so long against the USA. They have to dwell on the dark days of Iraq because maybe the storehouse of bad emotions over the course of the Iraq war will neutralize the probability of victory. So vote for us (democrats) and we will save you from any more heart wrenching wars with our superior management skills.

    It’s a long shot but it is better than hoping that an Iraq victory can be kept from the public or spun as only temporary because the Iraqi people will lose all the gains we have made; (paging Sen. Biden).

    Now, the immigration issue is a lot more complex. Almost neurotic.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Maybe I missed it but this is the first article I have seen from AP that doesn’t focus on finding the dark lining of the silver cloud.