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Feb 21 2007

Fly By 02/21/07

Quick and to the point this morning. Libby will be acquitted in a very short deliberation. OK, with that out of the way, let’s turn to John Edward’s continued spiral down the toilet. First he hires, fires, rehires and refires (for – against, for – against, perfect Kerry running mate) liberal bloggers who had no […]

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Jan 23 2007

Fly By 01/23/07

The 2008 Presidential Race is top of the news, leaving me to find something else to focus on since I could care less about the 2008 race right now. And whatever is said today will be irrelevant by next year (let alone next month). But it is interesting to see the Democrats fracture with their […]

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Jan 19 2007

Fly By 01/19/07

Time for another quick review of some interesting stories heading the blogs. First up is the news China may have demonstrated a space based weapon by taking out one of their aging weather satellites with a ground based launch. This is no easy feat, because weather satellites tend to be geosynchronous (that is the are […]

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Nov 30 2006

Fly By 11/30/06

Seems the Democrats are on something of a self destruction path with the American voters. Nancy Pelosi made one of the dumbest comments any politician has made in a decade when she went into her full Neville Chamberlain mode and claimed there were no Al Qaeda in Iraq. Not only are Al Qaeda in Iraq, […]

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Nov 29 2006

Fly BY 11/29/06

I used to do “Flybys” a lot, which are nothing more than a compendium of quick hits on recent news items. I think I will need to get back into the habit given my upcoming work load. So let’s take a Flyby of some important stories (as opposed to much of the news media’s products). […]

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Aug 08 2006

Fly By 08/08/06

I am looking forward to getting back to my hotel room tonight and seeing the results of the CT Democrat primary. My prediction is Lamont will win this by about 52% – 47% (give or take 2%). This will leave Leiberman in good position to win back his seat this fall and cause the ultimate […]

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Aug 07 2006

Fly By 08/07/06

Folks, I am on travel to attend meetings so the postng will be on a different time schedule, and probably light if the hotel internet bandwidth is as poor as usual. So I’ll start the week with a Fly By round up of interesting stories. I am anticipating the CT primary results Tuesday because I […]

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Jul 20 2006

Fly By 07/20/06

More light posting I am afraid. The noise from Europe that the Israeli actions will swell the ranks of the terrorists is a joke. What will swell the ranks is if Israel falters and the islamo fascists smell blood. What will temper the movement is another thumping defeat after Afghanistan and Iraq. If Israel decimates […]

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Jul 19 2006

Fly By 07/19/06

Sorry about the light posting, lots of meetings this week. Let’s start with the ridiculous claim by amatuer, wannabe scientists in the media and Congress that lack of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research has hampered progress. That is so much BS. What is hampering progress is the fact that controlling embryonic stem cell […]

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Jul 16 2006

Fly By 07/16/06

I have not posted a Fly By post of interesting articles in quite some time. But today’s news is not all that eye catching to post extensive comments on. So let’s go with a Fly By of interesting stories out there India has put it’s peace talks with Pakistan on hold as it also claims […]

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