Jan 23 2007

Fly By 01/23/07

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The 2008 Presidential Race is top of the news, leaving me to find something else to focus on since I could care less about the 2008 race right now. And whatever is said today will be irrelevant by next year (let alone next month). But it is interesting to see the Democrats fracture with their woman candidate (Clinton), African American candidate (Boy Obama) and their Hispanic candidate (Richardson). Odds are not good they will ever field a candidate that will represent America and have a plan to address our nation’s stickiest priorities. That is not the Democrat way. They live in a land where all are problems are the fault of them not being in power.

There are democrats I could vote for. Sen Breuax from LA is one, Lieberman is another. The problem is these democrats cannot survive a Democrat primary, as was seen by Lieberman. And keep the Lieberman example in mind as we go into 2008. Mitt Romney and Guiliani are prime to take the Presidency since they represent the broad middle of America and moderates can still win the primaries (thank you George W Bush!).

The most stunning thing I heard this morning on the news as I was waking up in my hotel was the news about the jerk at the mattress store dissing our troops. Apparently someone told the troops they would not ship some sleeping mats overseas, and that the troops would be smart to defect and leave Iraq. Kiss that company goodbye. It surely doesn’t help the company is owned by a Muslim of Pakistani descent. Needless to sat we all know who sets the tone of a company and I would not be surprised if this guy bad mouthed our troops in the office so much the worker saw no problem in expressing himself.

On the worrisome side is the news al Qaeda in Iraq is planning the unthinkable – an attack here in the US using students on education visas:

A U.S. official tells FOX News that documents seized in Iraq last year by American forces suggest Al Qaeda in Iraq was plotting an attack inside the United States by smuggling terrorists into the country on student visas.

The papers were obtained in Iraq about the time that Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed last June, the official, who asked not to be identified, told FOX News.

Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Michael Maples referred to the scheme Jan. 11 when he told the Senate Intelligence Committee that “documents captured in a raid on an Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) safehouse revealed AQI was planning terrorist operations in the U.S.,” according to the source.

Contrary to those who focus on fences on our borders, the terrorists have been able to enter this country legally to do their damage. Hiding in plain sight is always best when trying to be covert. Al Qaeda has a problem, they need to put a fire under the defeatist democrats to surrender Iraq to them, and soon. But the warped thinking of these blood thirsty Islamo Fascists is to coerce through shocking violence. While it may help dems stick their heads further into the sand, this tact will waken the American people to the danger and motivate them to redouble their efforts. An attack here in the US from Iraq based terrorists would end the debate about surrendering the country. If al Qaeda can hit us while we are battling them inIraq one can only imagine their reach and punch if we left them alone to plot and plan.

And this is where the Middle East leaders need to sit up and take notice. The violence in Baghdad is heading to their capitols if we lose Iraq. Syria, Jordan, Egypt and all the moderate Muslim nations will face the same tactics as we are seeing in Iraq. If we walk away, the entire ME will light up because the insurgents will have learned that this kind of mindless bloodshed can make peaceful people run away. Those of us saying we cannot lose Iraq are not slinging slogans. There were those in WW II who claimed what Hitler did in Europe was none of America’s business. All through WW II there were the naysayers, the ostriches. The people who claimed we could just wish it all away. But they were as wrong then as the anti-war crowd is today. Simply because it is not war or peace, It is war or massive bloodshed and the slavery of hundreds of millions of people.

The problem is this country will always be the enemy of dictators and fascists. We will always out produce and out entice the socialistic government models because we strive on individual diversity and creativity that is enabled through freedom and ownership. These other societies believe purity of thought is more important than economic and technical and scientific advances. They want to sacrifice some progress in order to retain order. The more order required the less energy people put into their societies because they are punished for creativity, not rewarded. This dichotomy is not going away because Americans are not going to revert into some socialistic model of government enforced thought and behavior. Dems learned this, Reps learned this. So we will always be the enemy of the Islamo Fascists because we will always represent an undeniable enticement to their people. So they must destroy us to survive. This is not going to end because the Islamo Fascists cannot survive as long as we do, whether we are challenging them or not.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Odds are NOT good that hillary can sit on her arse, on a studio couch, and convince enough voters in America, “she is having a conversation with them.”

    Alas, Johnny Carson is dead. And, the idea of a “being there” just before most people shut off the lights, is gone, now. Hillary will be seen as a SHREW. It’s the VISUALS, folks, that will do her in. And, the one thing she can’t stop is HDTV. Yes, I also said this yesterday, up at the Captian’s Quarters.

    What we are seeing, by ancient Greek standards, is called a “emotional appeal.” Arguments that fall down because they are FALLACIES.

    But the money’s good. Hillary campaigns and the “big time spenders” fill her coffers. But that, too, doesn’t impress me. Al Gore has amassed $100-million-dollars in personal wealth. (Drudge just said so. While he also said “he’d win an Oscar.) Ahead? There will be a category of playing a TREE, and whoever can do it better than Algore will win “honorary Oscars.” But I don’t watch that show. And, from Drudge, today, without Borat up there; watching the Oscars is a definite MISS.

    SO, if you’re asking yourselves “why?” … The answer is: The donks don’t have any talent on their shelves.

    And, yesterday, InstaPundit added a link and a comment, to Rush Limbaugh’s recent radio show; where he said none of the GOP hats in the ring, thrill him, either. When, the caller asked “what about Brownback?” All Rush did was laugh.

    Jolly good news.

    The media is basically the only uni-sex toilet I know of; where both men and women walk inside to smell the shit. Knowing that Rush said the truth out loud, you gotta wonder if Karl Rove is listening.

    And, if all this buildup to 2008, isn’t just another media flop? What’s left to learn? Journalists are being fired like crazy. Ads are being discontinued in TIME by GM. And, the media still toodles around in a circle sort’a like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

    While all those BLUE DOG puppies, new to congress, got run over by pelosi, as she grabbed herself a front row chair. When you can’t even shed tears for wounded puppies, you’ve been really affected by the news. (I just thought I’d leave ya this test.)


    This post is not about whether it was right or wrong to go into Iraq in the first place. This post is about the soldiers who are THERE….

  3. The Macker says:

    ” this country will always be the enemy of dictators and fascists.” –
    A very telling point!

  4. Bikerken says:

    Hillary is like every other Demass, they only want their power and don’t know what to do with it. These asses are so arrogant as to believe that as long as they are in power, the rest of the world will just naturally like them and behave. It’s like politcal party battered wives syndrome.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Here’s a flyby of my own … and a perfect example of why I can’t stand Royal Dutch Shell nor do I knowingly by any Shell products here in the US:

    MADRID, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Spain’s Repsol and Royal Dutch Shell expect to sign a preliminary deal with Iran in coming days for a $4.3 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and port terminal, a source close to the deal said on Tuesday.

    Repsol and Shell hope to clinch a final agreement on the facilities, which would serve part of Iran’s South Pars gas field, by late this year or early in 2008, said the source, asking not to be named.

    RDS is the Dutch parent of the US oil company Shell. US business is the largest portion of the parent company’s revenue. RDS is also one of the major developers of Iranian oil. Every gallon of gas I might buy at Shell provides profit that goes toward further development of Iran’s oil fields producing revenue that Iran uses to kill our soldiers and meddle in the affairs of places such as Lebanon.