Jul 21 2009

Afghans Rise Up Against Taliban

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The Islamic Awakening continues to spread as more and more of the Muslim Street takes up arms against the Islamo Fascists:

Villagers attacked the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan, a rare instance of locals turning on insurgents after being promised aid money and security by the government.

Friday’s confrontation was welcome news for Afghan and U.S. authorities, in what is shaping up to be one of the bloodiest months for the U.S-led coalition since the start of the war.

Tribesmen in Nangarhar, a province in the east, broke ties with the Taliban after being promised development money and security at a pair of meetings with Afghan officials in recent months, said tribal elders and a spokesman for the provincial government, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai.

It’s not just the money which turns hearts and minds, which surely helps. It is the promise of security that makes the difference. Security to chart their own future. The Islamist movement embodied in the bloody path of al Qaeda and the Taliban is not really much of a movement. It only takes some commitments of  support for locals to be free to make their own decisions for the Islamists to become the open enemy of Main Street Islam.

The same story has now played out in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I would bet good money the global warming alarmists wish their predictions had such a good track record.

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