Nov 26 2005

Imminent Threat Of Success In Iraq

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Before every major milestone event in Iraq the left comes screaming out of their fevered swamps calling for surrender in Iraq before it is too late. of course, what they fail to mention is they want us to surrender before their reputations for incredibly poor judgment becomes a permanent feature in history.

We posted on here on how the various Iraqi factions were finalizing their arrangements and coming together for the final vote next month on their permanent, democratic government. By New Year’s Eve we will be celebrating the birth of the largest, richest, most educated democracy in the Middle East. A new Iraq that is allied with America to fight Jihadists who are now openly targeting children, since they are not capable of fighting anything else.

Austin Bay points to some in the ME who are beginning to see the imminent threat of success in Iraq

The horizon of the political dreamers is always limited and overtaken by reality. We may be surprised one day to find that Al Zarqawi has developed shades of grey as politics does, but will he be able to shed the rivers of blood that he has caused that will eventually drown him?

There are many examples that reassure that the final victory will belong to the realists. We have seen the transformation of viewpoint in the leader of Jihadist groups in Egypt, Abud Al Zumur. Al Zumur was imprisoned for over 25 years for the assassination of President Sadat and rejected all the juridical reviews of the Islamist Jihadist revisionist (who moderated their radicalism), but eventually issued a statement calling for the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian general elections. This means that after 25 years of rejection, he finally acknowledged the political means that he had previously described as pagan such as elections and representation in parliament.

The shining city on the hill has established a shining beacon in the sands. Austin Bay was like myself, who saw the beginning of the end of AQ in the bombings in Jordan

When I pointed out (November 13) that Zarqawi’s attacks in Jordan were a political and information victory for the US, there were doubters. Setting your enemy up to make mistakes –then taking advantage of his mistakes– is an old stroke in the terrible art of war.

Austin then refers to an article in The Economist, with this clear conclusion:

In Amman, al-Qaeda’s victims included not only Mr Akkad and his daughter Rima, a mother of two, but also dozens of guests at a Palestinian wedding. The slaughter of so many innocents, nearly all of them Sunni Muslims, in the heart of a peaceful Arab capital, inspired a region-wide wave of revulsion.

The western news media will try and ignore the sea change happening in the Arab-Muslim street for as long as they can. But they cannot keep it up for another 3 years! In fact, I doubt they will be able to avoid reality through January 2006.

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  1. retire05 says:

    AJ, I have thought long and hard about what I am going to ask you but I want someone to give me some answers.
    I read about Able Danger, Iraq, and a number of other things, and I have to ask: why does the left block any information that might be beneficial to our nation? What is their real goal?
    Clinton was a political disaster. Why did he skate on all his mistakes? Why was he allowed to do the things he did, with no repercussion?
    The far left like Kennedy, Kerry, Dean; the “peace” movements, all wanting us to lose in Iraq simply to destroy the president. Why? Can someone explain to me what is happening? Why are we seeing the revision of the 60’s-70’s crap that lost a war on our own streets?
    I don’t understand it. Can you help?

  2. AJStrata says:


    It’s not so much the left but how federal employees think when confronted with their own mistakes: Blame someone or hide it. The problem is most federal employees are democrats. They do not necessarily enjoy or thrive in the private sector’s competitive and cut throat environment. They see themselves above the private sector (since the laws are on their side) and rarely stick their necks out to take some risk. They will stick their neck out to take credit.

    So what I think happened is Clinton’s not-so-squeeky-clean crowd simply tried old fashioned damage control by limiting who could investigate what. They never appreciated the long term damage to their naive short term ideas. Clinton’s crowd were rank amatuers.

    Is this pervasive to society and the come back of the 70’s? No, I doubt it. The problem is the media is full of ignoramuses right now. People who were used to weilding a lot of influence over a trusting (and this uninformed) populace. We gave the media to responsibility to monitor activities and alert us to problems. They misused that charter and are now being shown to be fairly shallow hacks.

    What you see is America taking back responsibility through the low cost internet. The electronic pamphleteers are out and about applying far more brain power and expertise than any single media house could ever hope to tap (well, they could if the knew how).

    The Rathergate story is the classic example of someone who is just not very bright (Mary Mapes) trying to understand something about computers and word processing more than half the country can grasp in a few seconds. Her inability to understand led her and Danny Boy to ‘follow their instincts’, which in this case was their liberal fantasies about Bush.

    Ugly? Yes. A downward path? No. Not all things good look so good when you are experiencing them real time. If you think about it, that pretty much sums up WW II, which brought a golden age of economic progress and the education of the masses to a point never before experienced.

    Cheers, AJStrata

  3. retire05 says:

    I understand what you are saying. Don’t rock the boat and don’t derail the gravy train.

    But why had the MSM gone so far to the left? And why has the American people given Clinton a pass for all his wrong-doings? That is what I don’t understand.

    I understand the “peace” movements are far from a new phenomenon, but why is it rearing its ugly head again. And why isn’t the MSM reporting on why it is out there in the first place?

    I want to know why people like Kennedy and Kerry are so far left? For what reason? Some of their acts I consider traitorous (no surprise for Kerry whom I have considered a traitor for years) but what do they hope to gain? Is power that important that they would put our nation in harm’s way just to gain it? And if the George Soros’ of the country got their way, do people really think it would be a socialist utopia?

    I fear the war on social change in some ways, more more than I fear the terrorists. I can shoot someone shooting at me, I can’t shoot someone for their ideals.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Actually I wasn’t saying don’t rock the boat. I meant to say don’t let the rocking worry you.

    The media is leftist because that is (a) where the liberal leaning people head, (b) because ‘natural’ selection in the news rooms have selected for liberal thinkers in the hiring and (c) the liberal thinking is promoted in the journalism schools. Conservative, free market, libertarian types are weeded out and eschewed by that market niche.

    Not overtly. They just tend to congregate to like thinking types.

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