Jul 05 2009

Coming Soon: Biden Admits Stimulus Was A Fraud

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I will be posting later this evening on how Biden admitted today the Obama-Pelosi-Reid stimulus bill was never really intended to create jobs this year. Since I am traveling tomorrow I want it to be the headline tomorrow until I reach my hotel. Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Coming Soon: Biden Admits Stimulus Was A Fraud”

  1. momdear1 says:

    Just as I thought. They are looting the governmnet just like Obama’s kinsmen have done when they gained power in Africa. It must be in their genes. It’s obvious we have a would be Idi Amin or Robert Mgabwe in charge of our government. He has suyrrounded himeslf with morally chanllenged hold overs from the Clinton and Carter administrations who also have their greedy hands in the till. They have already stolen $3 Trillion and promise more to come. By the time he leaves office we will be lucky if any of us have a pot or a window. Just where are we supposed to go when we flee his tyrany? Mexico or Canada?