Jul 03 2009

Forget All The Palin Nonsense – She Running For President

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Final Update: For all those who think a bold move is a handicap, that is why you are in the peanut gallery and Sarah Palin is the talk of the weekend across this nation. I send this especially to some armchair experts in the conservative blogosphere who scratched their heads and claimed Sarah made a mistake. Hate to say this folks, but the mistake is assuming Americans would agree with you – now that you are also part of the useless and inept political chattering class. We have seen years of ‘experts’ hit DC and blow it on many fronts. Claiming Palin did not do what was best for her and Alaska because it doesn’t fit some mold or theory or history is really assuming we know all we need to know about politics and people.

For all those who smear her with asinine conspiracy theories – the mirror is on you. For example, Iran’s revolution not withstanding, Andrew Sullivan sunk from an interesting political commentator to all out scum over Palin. His hate of her destroyed him, and left Sarah completely untouched and a sympathetic victim to Sullivan’s mad ravings.

And to the Palin’s. Good luck in life. I agree with the decision. Sarah had accomplished a lot, and the muck loving Sullivans in the world had made it nearly impossible to do more  for Alaska. They have a Phyrric victory, but again, you can destroy something for the moment, but the act itself destroys you 100 times over.

I strongly hope Sarah will be back next year, building her Congressional base in 2010 that will lift her into 2012. I know she is wondering if it is all worth it. I can only give her this advice. Your son is in Iraq trying to make the world better for all of us. He is risking it all. All of our families will be suffering for decades to come if the Democrats are pulled from office for the ineptitude and failures. You too may have to sacrifice a lot for this country. But at least it will not be the same as those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror.

You will lose your wonderful life if you become President. It doesn’t mean you won’t enter into another kind of wonderful life. It will never, of course, be as wonderful. That is the price that always must be paid to make things better. – end update


All the crotchety conservatives and muck-spewing liberals are attacking Governor Palin’s decision to step down and prepare for what I believe is a run for President on 2012. I won’t go into all the bizarre theories from the chattering political addicts – not worth a sane person’s time.

But if you are a Main Street, average person you can clearly see how you might grab the chance to make history if you were in her place. The decision process is straight forward and simple, which is why the naggers are all flummoxed and left with dumb insults.

  • First off, the Palin’s live very simple and inexpensive lives. They can probably live better than ever before off political events and speeches, than on the typical governor’s salary. This gives them income so they can focus on one thing, and one thing only.
  • Secondly, Palin has wrapped up her big issue for the year – the natural gas pipeline project. It is now in the hands of companies and the Canadian and US governments to complete. She did her part and can declare huge successes in her term this and many other big wins. She can move on confident that her marks on Alaska will be providing benefits for years and years to come.
  • Third, the national spotlight and ankle biting muck rakers have blunted what she could do in Alaska in the future. Most Alaskans like Alaska off the mainland’s radar map. It is an easy decision to walk away and give Alaska back to her people. It much better than to keeping the media circus mucking things up and spoiling the environment there. Only those who cannot live without a fawning press would not understand.
  • Fourth, she has time to settle back, think this out, and get Trig through his first two years. She has the time and money to get him through the tough parts, so she can then do what it will take to get on the national campaign trail again. This is the perfect time to take control of the tempo, and focus on Trig for a while.
  • Fifth, Obama and the Dems sealed their fate when they blew the stimulus bill by relying on the sluggish federal bureaucracy to stimulate the economy. It is now an unavoidable economic disaster for the Dems. There is no way to turn it around any more,and there is no way for Dems to blame the successful Governor from Alaska for their utter failures. The opportunity to ‘excite’ the economy back into forward gear is gone. No one is going to buy any more BS from DC. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice – ain’t going to happen. There days are numbered. All it takes to remove them are some centrist conservatives.

The low lifes in America will spin their ugly fantasies about Palin – all the time bolstering Palin in the eyes of families and women of all ages and all across this great nation. It is the attack on this average American mother from Alaska which has America rejecting the fringes left and right. Enough is enough.

Palin can sail through the middle of the maelstrom as far right and far left keep self destructing. Only those willing to moderate their views and respect diversity of opinion will survive the coming cleansing of politics. 

She has plenty of time to strategize and prepare for the grueling tests to come, to arrive at a time where the Dems will be crippled and the far right only marginally less scarred. It is a common sense move – too subtle for all those arrogant know-it-alls who, in the end, have accomplished basically nothing. But they do know how to insult others. That much we all know very well. It is a trait we don’t need any more in this country. It is a poor trade for real, honest leadership.

Allah Pundit has a great overview of useless speculation!

Update: Here is the video. She is not the lame duck type, she made that clear. I am more convinced after hearing the speech she is actually setting the stage for the Lt Governor to reap the incumbency benefits, allowing the GOP to hold the state house, as she prepares for 2012.  


Folks, I put together the bullets above before I saw or read the speech. Seems I was damn close. The delusional ranting from the left is quite humorous. Hope they enjoy crow. She is not going quietly into the night – that much is clear.

BTW Todd and Sarah – sign me up!

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  1. Toes192 says:

    btw, our [very strong] Alaska ethics complaint system… http://gov.state.ak.us/archive-14924.html … that Governor Palin championed hopefully is going to get a little tweaking…
    June 19, 2009
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska – State Rep. Bob Lynn said he plans to introduce a bill to prevent ethics complaints against the governor or her staff from being publicly discussed unless they are found to have merit.
    Lynn said in a statement that currently “an unsubstantiated complaint can be all over the newspaper, TV, and talk radio before it’s even investigated.
    That’s not fair. It invites frivolous complaints by people with a political agenda, wasting public money and the time of everybody involved.”
    The Anchorage Republican, a supporter of Gov. Sarah Palin, said his bill would mandate that complaints against the governor or others in the state’s executive branch be dismissed if they breach confidentiality.
    That’s how it already works in complaints against state legislators.

  2. Frogg says:

    She was my leader… and… she quit her position…

    That depends, Toes. It depends upon where she goes. Does she retreat? Or, does she go to the frontline of the battle? The frontline of the battle, afterall, isn’t in Alaska. Nor is it in the world of Governorships.

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  4. Terrye says:


    Palin was the Governor, not a Marine. In other words no one will die because she did this. She has a responsibility to her family and herself as well. In fact if she and McCain had won she would have resigned and under those circumstances no one would have accused her of abandoning anything.

    We do not know everything that is going on here, but one thing is for sure, Republicans need to do a better job of fighting back.

  5. Terrye says:

    The thing that amazes me is that Democrats like to claim they champion the common people, working people and yet when a real person of that class runs for office they treat her like a peasant.

    They do not like the rich they say, they do not like rednecks they say, they do not like provincial suburbanites they say…Just who do they like?

  6. kittymyers says:

    Sarah Palin did Alaska a favor because those frivolous charges took up too much of her time and too much of the state’s money. In other words, she could no longer lead. Terrye is correct: nobody will die when she steps down.

    Here’s something to consider:
    Obama quits Senate after 46 months–21 of them seeking another job


  7. kathie says:

    I reread her resignation speech again. One conclusion you can draw, she is a fighter, that is for sure. Also it will be the first time on a national stage she can speak with her own voice, unencumbered by her state duties or McCain’s campaign. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say! I’m pretty sure I will like it. Along with common sense policy I hope she creams all of those vicious voices.

  8. the cannuck says:

    The tea bag movement has a leader. She will be the voice of the middle of the country. Why now? Because it will be too late after Pelosi and Obama’s budgets drive the US into socialism.There is no articulate spokesman on the right who is prepared to take it to the liberals straight on. She is. Get off your arse and get moving this is going to be fun.

  9. […] I pretty well nailed Governor Palin’s strategy when she announced. Today there is little doubt to what she intends to do: “I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint,” the former Republican vice presidential candidate wrote in a posting on her Facebook page. Palin’s spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, confirmed Palin wrote the entry. […]