Nov 23 2005

Neophyte Tries To Play ‘Big Man’

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The young, inexperienced and almost adolescently awkward Barack Obama tried to play ‘big man’ with the leader of the free world today:

Sen. Barack Obama said President Bush should admit mistakes in waging the Iraq war and reduce the number of troops stationed there in the next year.

Boy, how embarrassing! Bush-league Barack trying to tell the US Commander-In-Chief how to surrender in Iraq! Barrack is such a joke since he only was elected to the Senate because of dirty tricks by the democrats to out the Republican nominee’s personal sexual fantasies with his wife. So the last choice of voters (behind Alan Keyes of MD) was Barack. Somehow Obama thinks he has developed experience beyond his years from this quirk of fate.

But the Illinois Democrat, a longtime opponent of the war, said U.S. forces remain “part of a solution” in the bitterly divided country and should not be withdrawn immediately.

Well, he has learned to use an awful lot of fancy words to say absolutely nothing of any value. It seems Barack was uniquely talented to be another Senate windbag, but an expert on international affairs, terrorism and conducting military operations.

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  1. axiom says:

    AJ: Barack only won the Democrat primary because of dirty tricks used against the leading candidate Blair Hull. In the final week of the primary stories came out about Hull’s messy divorce, including stories of domestic violence by Hull against his ex-wife.

    Obama was considered 4th in the primary up until the Hull stories came out. He is an incredible Democrat anomoly.

    BTW, Obama was against war with Iraq because he thought the war should be with Iran.

  2. AJStrata says:


    The candidate was Jack Ryan, husband of Jeri Ryan of Star Trek fame (seven of nine). There was no messy divorce, some scumbag opened the divorce files against Jack and Jeri’s wishes and all there was were some times when he discussed public sex with her. She stood by Jack during the whole mess.