Jul 01 2009

Amazing Developments In War On “Human Created Disasters” (aka Terror)

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Seems the Pakistanis have really soured on their violent Islamo Fascist neighbors in the tribal areas:

MORE than 80 per cent of Pakistanis view the Taleban as a critical threat to the country, a poll released yesterday said.

It marked a major shift in public support behind the government’s campaign against the fundamentalist Muslim militants. The turn in public mood is a boost to the military in its offensive against the insurgency.

Emphasis mine. Right after 9-11, the Taliban and al Qaeda were feared to be THE FUTURE of Islam as many Muslim countries and groups cheered the hit The Great Satan took that fateful day. But after 7 Years of President George W Bush unflinchingly taking the war to the enemy, along with years of massacring Muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan and dwarfing the human carnage of 9-11, these violent madmen have become THE ENEMY of Islam’s Main Streets. When President Obama continued the Bush policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan it became crystal clear America would not be diverted from bring justice and peace to the region, and allowing moderate forces to Awaken from under the Jack Boot of the terrorists.

We now have the end game beginning what is the largest war since World War II. In Iraq US forces have moved out of the cities to positions from which they can be called on if needed, but Iraq is now celebrating years of democratically run government and there is little sign that the new wave of bombings is turning the moderates into terrorist lovers. Violent radical Muslims killing moderate or innocent Muslims is not going to create a ground swell of hate against the US – just against the Muslims doing the killing. 

Now Pakistan has the people behind its efforts to eradicate the bloody killers in its midst using all force necessary, and they are winning the day:

PAKISTAN CLAIMS it has turned the tide in its battle with Islamist militants and says it has al-Qaeda on the run after a series of government offensives.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said public opinion had turned decisively against the extremists over the last few months, paving the way for the government’s military successes.

“Today, public opinion has converted to such an extent that the local tribes have set up lashkars [militias] to support army operations,” Mr Qureshi said in an interview yesterday in London.

Pakistan has awakened, just as Anbar and the Sunni tribes of Iraq did in 2006-2007. More and more reports are coming out of local tribesman hunting down the extremists:

Tribesmen attacked Taliban hideouts in Kurram Agency, killing 28 Taliban on Wednesday as the intensifying battles prompted them to ask for army troops to help, said a local lawmaker. 

At least seven tribesmen were also killed in the clash in Kurram which was the latest in two weeks of battles between the Taliban and tribesmen there that have killed 141 people – including more than 100 Taliban, said two government officials. 

Pakistan’s North and South Waziristan Agencies (inside the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)) are the last haven of al Qaeda and Taliban in Pakistan. As the Pakistanis pincer these hideouts from the South, US forces are crashing in from the North in Afghanistan:

Thousands of U.S. Marines descended upon the volatile Helmand River valley in helicopters and armored convoys early Thursday morning, mounting an operation that represents the first large-scale test of the U.S. military’s new counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

The operation will involve about 4,000 troops from the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, which was dispatched to Afghanistan earlier this year by President Obama to combat a growing Taliban insurgency in Helmand and other southern provinces. The Marines, along with an Army brigade that is scheduled to arrive later this summer, plan to push into pockets of the country where NATO forces have not had a presence. In many of those areas, the Taliban have evicted local police and government officials, and taken power.

This is the same kind of strategy used in Anbar and other Sunni Provinces inside Iraq which finally broke the resistance, taking out most of al Qaeda’s fighting forces. We have the noose in place, the bad guys surrounded, and the local people on our side. This could be the year we see the back of the Islamo Fascist movement break, just as we saw Hitler’s fascist state fall in Europe as allied forces overwhelmed them, encircling them on all sides with local support.

The war on terror is definitely looking more and more positive by the month.

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  1. kathie says:

    Maybe the idea of “inalienable rights'” is something people really do value after all, no matter where they come from. Thank you George W. Bush.

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