Jun 26 2009

Corrupt Liberal Democrats

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Update: Conyers plead guilty and is now convicted of bribery. No more ‘alleged’ or ‘charged’ – she is a criminal. – end update

OK, I do know which is the worser of two evils. Cheating politician spouses are not honorable our upstanding people, but their crime is against their partner – not the people they represent. That has been a recent blemish on the GOP.

But politicians who take bribes and send our hard earned tax dollars to their buddies to get rich off of – that is a very serious crime against this entire nation:

ity Council member Monica Conyers, the wife of a powerful Democratic congressman, was charged Friday in a bribery scandal, accused of accepting cash bribes in a filing that typically signals a plea deal has been struck.

Conyers was expected to appear at a court hearing Friday morning in Detroit, and was not immediately available for comment.

She is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bribery for allegedly accepting two payments from a Synagro Technologies official in late 2007 in exchange for supporting a sludge contract with the Houston company.

The government says Conyers received envelopes containing cash on Nov. 20, 2007 in the parking lot of a Detroit community center and on Dec. 4 of that year in a McDonald’s parking lot.

The charge is outlined in a legal document called a “criminal information,” which only can be filed with the defendant’s consent and typically signals a plea deal.

Sludge recycling – how apt. How many liberal democrats have to be caught with cold hard cash in their grubby hands before this nation realizes we have a party of low-life crooks (since no one ever gets pushed out of the Democrat Party for stealing from the public).

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  1. WWS says:

    Similar case is coming to trial in Dallas. Former Dallas City Council bigwig Don Hill has appealed to Eric Holder to intervene, claiming that the bribery case against him was “racially motivated”, since he for years represented a minority-majority section of South Dallas.

    Big problem for Hill – at the first day of trial, the property developers who had been indicted along with him (he is accused of steering city contracts to them in return for massive kickbacks) did not show up, and the federal prosecutors seemed very unconcerned – almost smug – about their absence.


    Best explanation – the developers have agreed to plea and turn state’s evidence. If this is true, then Hill is going down hard. HIll, of course, is still loudly proclaiming his innocence.

  2. crosspatch says:

    The Democrats seem to be corrupt at all levels. And it is no wonder because it is the role of the press to keep them in line and we have a press that enables the corruption by ignoring it.

    By only going after Republicans, they allow the Democrats to do whatever they want. We end up with a system where inspectors general are fired if they dare look into Democrat corruption and the press remains silent.

  3. owl says:

    I have called it The Silence for many years. Probably twice as effective as their attacks.

    I can’t hear my elected Voice. Why? I love Palin. I can hear her now but watch for The Silence. I think she is smart enough to shout over it.

  4. kathie says:

    How can Democrats be corrupt when their values are always on an escalator?

  5. pesca says:

    kathie, was that an “up” or “down” escalator?

  6. kathie says:

    Pesca…..it doesn’t matter, just always on the move.

  7. momdear1 says:

    Don’t expect Conyers or any other Dems’ convictions to stay in the news. As long an the MSM has something like the SC Sanford “scandal ” to put on the front page, all illegal activity by Dems will be reported on the back pages, if at all. Whereas the Sanford’s marital problems is a private matter and should have been a one day story at most, we find it hashed and rehashed over and over. If Sanford had been a Democrat, the stories would have been “Who violated his privacy by leaking his private EMails to the press.” Remember when someone brought up Bill Clinton’s trip behind the Iron Curtain during the 1992 election? Instead of reporting on the real story, all the news was on “Who violated his privacy by leaking immigration records.” The truth is that Clinton was accused of raping a coed (Irene Wellstone) at his Fullbright Scholar University in England, and fled behind the Iron Curtain where he holed up with his room mates’s family until his birth daddy, powerful Sen. Jefferson William Fullbright, pulled enough strings to get him out of Europe. Now that was a story worthy of front page coverage for weeks on end. It still hasn’t made it into the MSM press coverage. Double standards . AWWWWWW!